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Top 5 Motion Sensor Light Switches 2018

A Motion Sensor Light Switch is often also referred to as “Occupancy Light Switch” as well as “Vacancy Light Switch”. But there is a difference between the two. An Occupancy Light Switch automatically turns on the lights as soon as motion is detected in the sensor range and automatically turns the lights off when the motion is no longer detected in the range.

What is the Best Robot Vacuum?

Most people don’t know that the first automatic vacuum cleaner called Trilobite was already presented in 1997 by the swedish company Electrolux. And even Dyson, the market leader for vacuums, released their own robot in 2001. But in either cases the price or the time wasn’t right yet. It wasn’t until 2002 when iRobot shook up the technology world with the Roomba, a robotic vacuum that finally raised public awareness for this particular niche. The latter model also made it in our list of the best of the best…

Smart Home IKEA

If we asked you what furniture manufacturer is worldwide known, with practical, yet contemporary furniture created, who would you think…

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The Best Budget Smart Home Devices of 2018

Home Automation is considered to be an expensive hobby. Nevertheless, affordable tech exists in every niche. With that in mind, here are the best budget smart home devices of 2017.


Make an Amazon Alexa Smart Toaster Before the Griffin Arrives

Ever wanted to make your toaster smarter? While the Griffin Smart Toaster still isn’t widely available on the market, there are various DIY solutions that help you turn your current toaster into an automated device. Let’s check out just how you can do so.