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The future is now and whether you’d like to upgrade your old garage door system to work with your smart home devices or install a completely new garage door controller, we’ve gathered the best smart garage door opener and controller options currently available on the market. 

One of the most notable devices that truly sparked the dream of home automation in the last couple of decades is the garage door opener. Allowing for people to easily open their garage door via a remote control, the first such smart systems are now considered to be relatively archaic when it comes to technology. Today with everything connected to the Internet of Things, it’s hard to imagine a garage door opener that can’t be controlled from any of your smart devices. It is also pretty useful if you are storing collectibles in your garage, which can be quite valuable according to sites like this Funko Pop Price Guide.

With the appearance of new technologies that make your garage doors not only smarter but more secure, this year may very well be the best year to upgrade your garage door controller. Whether you’d like to completely change up your old opener system or simply make it smarter by installing a new gadget that helps you do so, we’ve gathered some of the best available options currently available on the market. Without further adieu, here they are.

Chamberlain Ultra Quiet – The Best Garage Door Opener

Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Chamberlain Ultra Quiet

The Chamberlian Ultra Quiet is one of the newest additions to the long line of garage door opener products released by Chamberlian. Featuring a sectional single and double wide door style integration at a maximum door height of seven feet, what makes the Chamberlain Ultra Quiet stand out as a truly smart garage door opener is its incorporation with MyQ technology. While a number of other openers harness the home automation capabilities of MyQ, the Chamberlain Ultra Quiet presents people with what may very well be the best value for the money. With 300 pounds of maximum lifting capacity, the Ultra Quiet model of Chamberlain is able to pull up almost any garage door, and while the opener has only 1/2 total horsepower, it is nonetheless a great choice, because of its, as the name suggests, ultra quiet action. The opener is able to achieve that by replacing the usual chain system with a belt. The device also incorporates a timer-to-close system and usually comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Packed with User-Friendly Features
  • Highly Reliable and Future-Rich


  • May Experience Compatibility Issues with Older-Generations of Accessories

LiftMaster 8550 – The Runner-Up Solution

Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Liftmaster 8550

Able to lift up any garage door that is up to 7 feet high, packed with a 3/4 HP motor, the LiftMaster 8550 is one of the best smart garage door openers available on the market today. Similar to the Chamberlain Premium, the device has a maximum lifting capacity of 550 pounds, incorporates a backup power source and is able to lift up gatehouse, sectional and double-wide garage doors. With the MyQ home automation system making the opener truly smart, the LiftMaster also has the most sought after safety and security features, including rolling code, motion sensor lights, infrared beam, automatic and manual reverse as well as lock mode. The only few downsides of the device compared to the Chamberlain Premium is the fact that out of the box the LiftMaster 8550 comes with only one remote control and that the device also doesn’t feature a keyless entry pad. Nonetheless, it is one of the best garage door openers and at the end of the day, if you are choosing between the Chamberlian Premium and the LiftMaster 8550 it comes down to which brand of garage door openers you actually prefer or are keen to.


  • Simple and Easy to Install
  • Incorporates All of the MyQ Smart Home Garage Door Opener Security and Safety Features
  • Uses Quiet Belt Technology


  • Comes with only one remote out of the box
  • Doesn’t Feature a Keyless Entry Pad
  • Not Compatible with Older Garage Door Accessories

The Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener – The Most Innovative of the Bunch

Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Ryobi Ultra Quiet

If we are talking about truly smart garage door openers, then we should definitely mention the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener. While it is not for those, who are looking for affordable conventional solutions, the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet does do its job of opening your garage door. In fact, it does so with its 2HP motor, which can open even the heaviest of garage doors. Furthermore, the Ryobi Smart Garage Door Opener is connected to your smart home system via both Homelink and Wi-Fi. Nonetheless, what makes this device truly amazing and what makes it the most innovative smart garage door opener for 2017 is the range of its unique features. It has a range of different accessories that can be plugged directly into the device, including a retractable cord, a fan, and a Bluetooth speaker. This truly turns the Ryobi into a true powerhouse. The only downside is the fact that these accessories will cost you even more. With that in mind, if you have a few extra bucks to spend on your garage door opener, you should definitely go for the Ryobi Garage Door Opener, which is one of the most innovative garage door openers.


  • Compatible with Both Homelink and Wi-Fi
  • 2HP Motor
  • UltraQuiet Technology
  • A Range of Accessories
  • Easy to Setup and Install


  • A quite steep price tag
  • Accessories Cost Even More
  • Lacks Certain Safety and Security Features

Chamberlain Premium – The Expensive Option

Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Chamberlain Premium

We’ve given the award of the best smart garage door opener to the Ultra Quiet version of Chamberlain, simply because of its more affordable price. However, if you have a few extra bucks to spare, you should definitely purchase the Chamberlain Premium garage door opener. Having all the best features of the Ultra Quiet model, the Premium opener comes with a maximum lifting capacity of 550, because of its total horse-power 3/4 motor. Furthermore, the device is packed with an additional backup power source, if anything goes wrong with the electrical input of the device.


  • More Powerful Than the Ultra Quiet Model with 3/4 HP Motor
  • Back-Up Electricity System


  • Pretty High Price

The Best Smart Garage Door Opener DIY Solutions (and Accessories)

In case you already have a garage door opener and you simply want to enhance its abilities at a budget price, you are able to do so. There are quite a few DIY options that allow you to integrate your existing opener within your smart home network for a truly smart experience. Here’s some of the best products on the market that we’ve managed to find. Without further adieu, let’s check what the market has to offer right now.

The Best Wi-Fi DIY Solution – NEXX Remote Garage Door Opener

If you are on the lookout for something easy and simple to install, this product might just be the right choice for you. While a ‘diy’-based solution, the NEXX Smart Remote Garage Door Opener is extremely easy to setup and works with most automatic garage door controllers. One of the newer options on the market, the device easily integrated within your existing smart home network and provides quick and easy Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control. While it’s smartphone app is not exactly wonderful, it does the job perfectly.


  • Extremely Easy to Install
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Highly Reliable and Future-Rich


  • Some Compatibility Issues with Older Garage Door Controller and Accessories Models

LiftMaster MyQ Universal Smartphone WiFi Garage Door Controller

Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Liftmaster MyQ

Designed to be compatible with almost any of the older garage door openers, the LiftMaster MyQ Universal Smartphone Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller is the perfect gadget you need to buy, in order to bring your old garage door opener to the smart home ecosystem of devices. Coming at a reasonable price, the device is packed with features that will keep your home protected. Furthermore, the LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Controller is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices and is extremely easy to install. The device works with Wi-Fi, but if you prefer Z-Wave technology, be sure to check out our piece on the best garage door z-wave controller available to date on the market.


  • Simple and Easy Installation Process
  • Android and iPhone Compatible
  • Incorporates All Needed MyQ Security and Safety Smart home Features
  • Extremely Reasonable Price
  • Compatible with Almost Any Garage Door Opener


  • May Experience Certain Compatibility Issues Depending on Your Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain MyQ CIGBU Gateway Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller

Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Chamberlain MyQ

If you want to make your garage door opener smart quickly and without spending too much, then you should definitely check out the Chamberlain MyQ CIGBU Gateway Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller. With its extremely affordable price tag, the device is also extremely easy to install and works well with both Android and iOS. Extremely user-friendly the Chamberlain MyQ Wi-Fi Gateway Garage Door Controller works, as the name suggests, with Wi-Fi at a range of up to 150 feet. The only true downside of the device is that it is not compatible with a wide range of garage door openers, so you should research if your opener is compatible with this device before buying it, in order to avoid further issues. Furthermore, if you are searching for an extremely cheap and affordable garage door controller option, be sure to check out our piece on the best Bluetooth garage door controllers.


  • Extremely Affordable Price
  • User-Friendly and Easy to Install


  • Experiences Compatibility Issues with a wide Range of Garage Door Openers

The Top Z-Wave DIY Solution – GoControl/Linear Remote Controller

If you already have a garage door opener, but want to add smart home functionality, the GoControl/Linear Remote Controller is one of the best solutions currently on the market. Based on the Z-Wave wireless home automation protocol, the controller is relatively easy to install. It provides you with decent customization options. Integrated within your Z-Wave network, the device can be easily setup to work with voice-controlled assistants via your existing z-wave hub. Granted, you’d have to play around in third-party apps, such as IFTTT, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. The best part is that the controller works with Z-Wave Plus. In addition, if you want to avoid dealing with third-party software, the device works best in the GoControl/Linear smart home ecosystem. The only true downside of the device is the lack of support for older garage door controllers. Combined with a mediocre customer service by GoControl/Linear and little to no documentation, it can be a gamble to actually make the device work with your automated garage door opener. But if it works, it does its job perfectly!


  • Works with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus
  • Packed with User-Friendly Features
  • Highly Reliable and Future-Rich


  • Quite Difficult to Integrate with Alexa/Google Home
  • Doesn’t support some older garage door openers and accessories

The Best Bluetooth Gadget – Garage Mate

In case you don’t have a dedicated home automation system and simply want to be able to open your door via your smartphone in a prompt manner, then you might want to check out the Garage Mate. Avoiding the issues of having your garage door connected to the internet, the Garage Mate works with Bluetooth 4.0 and is controlled via a dedicated iPhone and Android application. While you won’t be able to connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, it is a nice easy and affordable quick solution towards making your garage door opener a tiny bit smarter.


  • Works with Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus
  • Packed with User-Friendly Features
  • Highly Reliable and Future-Rich


  • Quite Difficult to Integrate with Alexa/Google Home
  • Doesn’t support some older garage door openers and accessories

The Most Affordable Smart Device – Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Tilt Sensor

In case all of the options above are either out of your budget, or seem too difficult to install, there’s another device on the market that will help you out. The Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Tilt sensor might not be as sophisticated as the aforementioned gadgets, but it does make your garage door a tiny bit smarter. While it can’t open your door, the device is aimed at providing you with updates whenever your garage door has been opened, increasing your home security a tiny fraction.

  • Works with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Quite Simple to Setup and Install
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Works for both Android and iOS Smartphones


  • Doesn’t Integrate Within a Smart Home Ecosystem
  • Can Experience Garage Door Opener Compatibility Issues
  • The Dedicated Smartphone App does Bug at Times

What is the MyQ System?

First introduced on LiftMaster garage door openers, the MyQ system is a home automation system incorporating both software and hardware that helps the users keep track of their garage door, as well as provide them with additional information and safety and security features. Later introduced to Chamberlain devices, MyQ allows people to receive garage door activity alerts and monitor the status of their garage door on their smartphones, as well as to open and close it.

What garage door opener you are using and what are your plans of upgrading it? Will you be buying a new smart garage door opener or simply purchase an upgrade and add a controller to achieve the home automation functions you desire? Make sure to leave a comment below. If you want to more about the physics behind this technology you should check out this Chemistry Database.






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