The Crestron Home Automation System

Living smart is the only way to live in this dog eat dog world; and one company doing their part to ensure everyone from families, to our primary schools and universities, as well as tech-savvy corporations is Crestron. This company is leading the industry in smart home automation development and installation, as a one-stop high end stop for those select customers with the money to invest in a smart future.

Crestron made the Top Ten Review Award list for being a company whose high standards for running an automation system capable of supporting one of the largest networks operating today. Their system package also comes complete with their own professional installers that take care of every detail for you. Their professional installers ensure that every customer has complete device compatibility and that you the customer understands every function and ability that comes with the package you purchase.

Before we get into pros and cons of this let’s discuss who you are making such an important choice about, who they are and why you should trust them with so much of your hard earned money.

Tiny history overview for Crestron
The company was founded in 1969 as one of the companies on the breaking edge of technology more than 45 years ago selling wireless controllers for slide projectors. These wireless controllers were not being massed produced they were created by founder and still owner of Crestron, Mr. George Feldstein. So, an investment in this company and its products is not an investment in some unknown mass produced product being created solely for profit.

Mr. Feldstein has an engineering background and continues to create new and innovative smart ways to live. Over the decades there have been a variety of new generations of control processors, touchpads, and keypads. Recently there have also been a wave of new younger, cheaper devices becoming available and Crestron has shown no sign of concern, because they have a product that has already proven the test of time by still being available because quality will always win out over quantity.

The company gained mainstream popularity around 1971 by engineering and producing a solid product, equipment that was not only reliable, sturdy, but it is also very appealing to look at. The Crestron product is almost elegant in design, flawless performance with excellent customer support during installation. These were all selling points in helping the company’s reputation to grow over the last four decades. This devices comes with the ability to support different touch screens and remotes in one easy device, a stylish and sleek touch screen.

This product can be purchased for your home, business, or even used in any qualifying school from Kindergarten all the way up to many different types of colleges and universities. The many uses makes this product exceptionally versatile and innovative. Use it to turn any home into a smart home and control your entire house from your favorite chair. Use it at work to connect internationally for a video conference, use it to keep all of your information current and up-to-date. This company offers all schools that take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and purchase a Crestron product an enhanced curriculum with their Crestron Connected ™Campus program choice through easy-to-use technology right at a teacher or professor’s fingertips.

There really isn’t any real competition facing Crestron. Having been founded by their owner and CEO who still captains the helm, seeing his award-winning, fortune 500 company into the future to continue enhancing the lives of million of people and also into the future he dreamed of it becoming with the creation and successful release of those simple wireless remotes for slide projectors. The company was founded on the understanding that success is based on being the one company that can deliver the highest quality product to its customers. All products being designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States allowing them to expedite product development while being able to maintain the standards that have kept the company in business for more than forty years.

There were only a few cons you may deal with when deciding to purchase the Crestron brand. One would be the very high prices and fees that are attached to it; always consider all the internal workings of a program that can run a major portion of your home, office, or school life. The brand comes with all of the perks of having your own personal profession on-site-installation tech to walk you through set-up to completion making sure your automation package is fully operational. Also remember, changing your setup settings is a huge pain and very time consuming, so if it’s possible stick with the age old adage of ‘do it right the first time’ and try not to have to call a professional back for simple things that may take longer in the beginning to get perfect.

A Crestron home, office or school automation system can only be purchased through an authorized Crestron dealer. When deciding if this fact is a pro or con you must think of the facts. When you buy direct from an authorized dealer you are going to be dealing with the people who engineered, manufactured and delivered the product not a mass distribution center who doesn’t care at all about the product itself, only selling the product. Any product you can be purchased direct or “only from an authorized dealer” that is a pro, not a con.

Here’s a product list being offered to customers who purchase a Crestron smart automation system for their home, office, business or school.


  • Audio/Video
    Multi-room A/V, Presentations, and digital signage
  • Collaboration Unified Communications
    This product makes collaborating on any project from near or far seamless and effective enough for any business no matter size to use this with ease and comfort.
  • Lighting Control/Commercial Lighting
    Giving everyone the lights they need from the simple night light in your child’s bedroom coming on just before dark to ensuring that your Fortune 500 company has every need being met for their corporate entity.
  • Shading
    Crestron provides motorized window shades and a drapery track system to keep your windows displayed perfectly.
  • Control Devices
    The products are easily controlled by a touch screen, an easy to use remote as well as your mobile devices.

Here is a breakdown of what markets are now open to purchase a Crestron product.


From waking up to closing down a Crestron home automation system simplifies your life with a touch of the wake button on your sleek touch screen a soft light illuminates your side of the bed to begin your day. Step into your preheated bathroom while your favorite channel on the TV comes on or your favorite music channel all without fumbling for remotes or switches. Feel safe when you’re at work or just running errands because you will receive email alerts and pop ups via your smartphone if any issues arise at home.

Family time is controlled with the touch of one remote to handle the blinds, dim the lights and lower the projection screen for movie night. And with Crestron there will be no need to change your HD TV or your stereo equipment as all of our products are easily integrated with your system flawlessly. Bedtime with a Crestron product managing your life means no more wandering around the house trying to remember to check every door, lower every shade, now with your scheduled night-time pre-sets all of that and more is taken care of for you. So you can turn on some soft music throughout the house to wind down to and enjoy a few more minutes with those people who helped you turn that house into a smart home with and let Crestron do the rest.

Crestron provides your corporate office with a fully integrated automation system that is capable of running everything from AV equipment to lights and shades. With their integrated system your employees will be able to do more meetings and less planning with a simple touch of the button the unified system allows users to reserve rooms and meeting areas on location or online. The corporation package can scale to any size to meet your needs from a fortune 500 to a small business, Crestron has the package to fit your needs.

The company has established one of the best outreach programs available for qualified colleges, universities and K-12 schools can join the Crestron A+ Educational Partner Program. Schools that qualify for the A+ Educational Program received preferred pricing, extended warranties, and free training. This package also includes free travel for training, passport to 24/7/365 True Blue Support. This support includes 24/7 technical support around the globe. It also includes access to the Crestron Technical Institute (CTI). Also included is technical design assistance to help each school get the most out of their product and ensure that each customer gets an economical and versatile solution for all of their technological needs.

Crestron offers your guests the VIP experience from easy check-in the guest will then enter a room that has been pre-set to greet them with soft relaxing lights, calming music, and the shades raised to display the magnificent view. Once inside their room a concierge will detail the hotels amenities while covering all other pre-set information the buyer would like included.

Our government package can be purchased with the guarantee of security, reliability and an uncompromising quality. The company has shown that they pride themselves in being one of the most reliable and top choices for any government and or military establishment thinking of implementing a smart automation system at their facility.

Luxury Transport
Crestron is a leading innovator bringing your work anywhere you are with high quality video and audio equipment that can be fitted and customized for your vehicle or vessel delivering rich sound quality and visuals throughout any transport environment with flawless perfection.

If you want to enhance the shopping experience for your retail shoppers and be able to set the mood by combining, multimedia, lighting, as well as controlling environment that can all be accomplished with Crestron.

Crestron remains as a leader in innovation and engineering in this industry and many markets and will remain so if they continue doing what they do now with their excellent customer service, dependability, and reliability. The company has continued to grow as a leading corporation with their tried and true product and accountability being as impeccable as their has proven to be. Customers who come to them with the intent to spend the kind of money it takes to have a smart home, office or business that will meet every need of your growing family; be it home or business family.






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