5 Awesome Smart Home Videos You Have to Check Out

The home automation trend is just starting to catch up, but there are people have already found various ways to mess with smart home tech in order to have some fun. Here are just 5 smart home videos that are truly awesome and that will make your day. 

Often serious and discussing major topics within the home automation sphere, including security, z-wave and more, today we decided to ease up a bit, relax and have some fun. While smart homes are a trend that is just starting to shape up, there are already millions of enthusiasts from around the world that own at least a few pieces of smart home tech. In fact, according to research,  the smart home industry in the United States alone is worth more than ten billion US dollars. With an industry so big, it’s not surprising that there are a few individuals that just want to have some fun. With that in mind and without further adieu, here are the 5 most awesome smart home videos that you should definitely check out.

Alexa Talking to Google Home

Google Home has been released just a few weeks ago, but it is already starting to gain some speed in its competition against the Amazon Echo. Being two of the biggest competitors such as iOS and Android were for the mobile market, it’s no wonder that people had them square off in different tasks. However, Adam Jakowenko decided to instead make the two devices talk in an infinite loop. The result is quite funny.

Alexa ‘Simon Says’ Prank

The Amazon Echo has a feature where Alexa can repeat everything you say. Called ‘Simon Says’ the feature isn’t that much useful for home automation, but it definitely guarantees fun. Even though there are many pranks people have made to each other using this feature, we’ve decided to feature the prank made by Matthias, simply because he’s one of the better-known YouTubers who make videos on a wide array of topics, including tech.

The Sensibo IndieGoGo Commercial Video

The Sensibo is a great piece of technology that helps you control the temperature of your air conditioner without much hassle. Funded on IndieGoGo, Sensibo featured one of the most weird, smart and funny commercials that truly made it stand out. With its quirky humor, this commercial made by TrossMedia is definitely worth a few minutes of your time, especially if you want to have a quick laugh.

Alexa Talking to Herself

Similarly to the idea behind the Alexa and Google Home infinite loop conversation, these guys decided to make Alexa actually talk to herself. While the quality of the video is not great and the loop is not actually infinite, the smart home video is definitely quite funny, especially with the smirky smile on the face of the Echo owner by the end of the video.

The Lamarr Wilson Echo Dot Review

A funny YouTube celebrity who does all kinds of funny reviews of produts, Lamarr Wilson will definitely crank you up, while presenting some great information about the Amazon Echo. If you are a home automation enthusiast, you should definitely check out his smart home video.

The Best Smart Home Videos

Home automation is a relatively new trend and while it does have potential for some amazing and funny pranks and funny smart home videos, currently there aren’t many out there. Above we shared some of the best we could find and we hope that you’ve had a great time.







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