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4 Outrageous DIY Home Automation Projects That Just Work

What is the first project that comes to mind when you think of DIY home automation? A smart Z-Wave relay system for blinds control? A smart toaster? whatever the case may be, chances are that the project that is swirling around in your head requires some technical and programming knowledge and a bit of electrical work.… Read More

5 obscure IOT devices to look out for in 2017

Currently, the IOT devices that garner the most headlines tend to be pretty obvious.  Light switches, thermostats, and video doorbells have all hit the headlines in recent months, as consumers become more accustomed to seeing connected devices around the home. Some of the most interesting IOT projects however, lean more towards the obscure end of the market.  … Read More
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7 Extremely Curious and Creative IoT Projects for the Smart Home

The smart home revolution is helping us shape a futuristic and interconnected world of smart appliances, sensors, and devices that make our homes more automated, safe and secure. Whether you’d want to turn the lights in your room via your smartphone or you’d want to receive an SMS every time your laundry is ready, you can do that with the home automation devices available on the market.… Read More