How IoT Will Shape Our World in the Near Future

When you consider that the Internet Of Things has only been around for half a decade in any meaningful way, it is pretty impressive that we have reached the current level of automation in such a short space of time.  Of course, Moore’s Law has provided us with an expectation that by the end of the decade we will be flying around with jet packs strapped to our backs while walking our pet Pokemon in virtual reality

A Z-Wave Interview with Dr. Christian Paetz – “It’s a no-brainier!”

Earlier this month we had the chance to talk with Z-Wave expert Dr. Christian Paetz. The author of two of the most prominent books about the wireless protocol, Z-Wave Basics: Remote Control in Smart Homes and Z-Wave Essentials, Dr. Paetz is also the primary representative of the Z-Wave alliance. Here’s what we asked him and what he had to share. 

Ransomware and Your Smart Home – The Security of Z-Wave

Smart home technology is all around us, but what’s the security of Z-Wave, the wireless communications protocol that drives the inter-connectivity of your devices?  The world around us is changing by the second. Innovation in wireless connectivity and the protocols that allow devices to talk to each other is what makes smart homes a reality. Home automation […]

Trackers: How to keep an eye on the things in the digital age

Forever losing your phone? Worried that the dog keeps jumping the fence into the neighbor’s garden? Wondering where exactly your teenage daughter and her friends are driving to this weekend? If you find yourself asking these questions to yourself regularly, it may be time to invest in some trackers.

Meet Kuri! Mayfield Robotics fascinating new family-friendly robot

Many of us have grown up with sci-fi TV shows and the promise of household robots relieving us from the boredom of every day task such as cleaning, cooking, taking the kids to school, walking the dog, and taking the rubbish out. While the C-3PO style of robotic helper may be quite a few decades away, robots are already entering the home in many different ways.

The expected innovations for the Smart Home 2017

With the ever growing home automation industry, we decided to tackle the question of what we should expect in innovations for the smart home 2017. Will Microsoft be putting Cortana in your home, while Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson are chilling on the couch? Will Google Home take over the home automation industry? The only certainty is that the industry is truly moving forward.