A smart kitchen makes cooking a lovely experience

Wouldn’t you think that a kitchen is a magical place? It plays an essential role in our lives: it is not only the place where you prepare and enjoy meals, but it is also a place of family gathering, an area where we have fun with friends and where many lovely memories are made. But the smart kitchen is not only about making cooking more comfortable, but it is also taking cooking, eating and time spent in the kitchen a whole new experience!

Smart kitchen teaches you to be a better cooker. It gives you the luxury of being forgetful and being able to turn off appliance remotely. Convenience is an essential benefit of a smart kitchen; you can adjust temperatures, check on cooking times, identify surface burners that are hot or even preheat your oven on the way home for work. The high performance of connected appliances enables you to cook at exact temperatures for the correct amount of time, brew your favourite coffee every morning and bring your meals to a new level.

Following smart kitchen appliances can make cooking more comfortable for you and also make a kitchen a safer place:

  • Smart fridge
  • Smart pot, oven and meat thermometer
  • Smart Sous vide
  • Smart smoke detector
  • Smart vacuum cleaner
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart coffee maker
  • Smart can
  • Smart scale

You can read about the benefits of each of devices further in the text.

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Smart fridge

A fridge is not just an appliance that keeps food cold. It is a spot in the kitchen where we leave notes to family, where we stick photos of family or children’s drawings. But with a smart fridge, you get so much more! With a touchscreen on it connected to Wi-Fi, you can read out recipes, add items to your shopping list, and check inside the fridge from your smartphone while shopping to check the stock of ingredients, check the expiry date of any grocery, and install an interactive photo album.

If you go one step further and connect the fridge with other devices, it can serve as a hub for the whole home.  You can view doorbells, home cameras, and turn lights on and off – all from the display.

If you still wish to save some money but have some of the smart fridge performances, there is a smart fridge cam, which lets you look in your fridge and check if you are running out of any ingredient. It can also check the expiry date of food. Once you are sure of its benefits, you might decide to go for a smart fridge and get additional exciting experience in the smart kitchen.

Smart pot, oven and meat thermometer

We all have experience with burned food, while guests are at the door. Or, you started cooking, but you need to leave home for a short while. With smart pot and oven, you will not have to worry about similar situations.

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Smart appliances allow you to start cooking from wherever you are; you can adjust temperature, or even turn off the device, all from your smartphone. You can check cook-time, temperature, set device to warm remotely as well. New generations of smart ovens can even recognise different food and can prepare the same meat in many different ways. Air fryer, slow cooker, dehydrator, and warming drawer can all be integrated into a smart oven, so the number of meals you can prepare is drastically increasing!

An additional device you will find useful is a smart meat thermometer which will ensure that chicken, steak or any other kind of meat is well cooked. All you have to do is to stick it in cooked meat and use your smartphone application to enter the type of meat you are cooking. Then, you can check the ambient temperature, the current temperature, the target temperature and you will receive alerts throughout cooking time.

Smart sous vide

How can sous vide help you with better cooking? Imagine cooking without burning or uncooked meat. With sous vide, you will get this lovely experience. Sous vide bath allows complete control over temperature and time of meat cooking. You can cook meat on steady temperature for a set period, without supervision. You only need to seal the bag with meat and spices, set the temperature and time and relax while waiting for the meat to be done.

With smart sous vide you even have an opportunity to store meat at low temperature for a while, and then remotely turn on heating for cooking from your smartphone. A remote control is very convenient if you are at work, and having guests coming for dinner just after you return home. Your meat will be ready by the time your guests come over. Defrosting is something you can also avoid by using sous vide, by placing the meat in it at dialled temperature. So, you can get high quality of perfectly cooked meat without risk of keeping it at room temperature while waiting for it to defrost.

Smart smoke detectors

Aside from being a lovely place, a kitchen can also turn into a dangerous place. Several factors can cause the fire in a kitchen: hot pads or kitchen towels accidentally left on a hot burner, overheated cooking oil or faulty wiring in appliances or the walls. That is why it is essential to have a smoke detector in the kitchen. Smart smoke detectors give you the advantage to avoid the loud sound of alarm which will disturb the neighbour. It senses the fire and alerts the homeowner of the danger via smartphone even when you are not at home. If you have several smoke alarms in different rooms, it can synchronise them and show in which room fire is. Dual sensor smoke detectors are the best choice because they can sense slow, smouldering fire as well as fast, flaming fires.

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Smart vacuum cleaner

You are preparing breakfast, or cooking dinner, and crumbs are all over the floor. As the kitchen floor is often dirtied with small pieces of food and crumbs, and a smart vacuum cleaner is a perfect and sufficient solution for frequent cleaning of the floor. It has an automated setting to customise cleaning at different times, whenever you need it. Time and date are set on the display, and cleaning path can be programmed as well. Remote control allows you manual intervention and enables you to drive vacuum cleaner to a designated spot in the kitchen, while you rest in another room after cooking.

Smart vacuum cleaner turns if it senses an object, and manages to clean the whole kitchen floor except a small triangle area in the corners.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs allow you to control electronics from anywhere in your home, or even when you are out via the internet. You can turn devices on or off, or set different alerts and schedules. There is no need to worry if you left on the cooker or any other device. You can turn the device off from wherever you are.

Smart coffee maker

Waking up to the aroma of a hot coffee, who doesn’t want that, right? Smart coffee maker will give you this exact feeling every morning. Morning cup of coffee is not the only application you get with a smart coffee maker. You can schedule brew times, and start a brew on your way home, or even from your office. When guests come over, you don’t want to miss the fun with them while preparing coffee. There are smart coffee makers that can make up to twelve cups at once, and you can select set the strength of the brew, and enjoy more time with your friends.

Smart can

This smart kitchen appliance scans a barcode of an item as you swipe it on bar code reader, and adds it to the shopping list. A smart can is a connected device, and you can find a scanned item on the application on your smartphone when you go shopping. It will make sure you never skip any item you need when you go to the store.

Smart scale

If you are starting with making your kitchen a smart kitchen, start small, with a smart scale. It eliminates the need for measuring spoons or cups. When pouring ingredients, it will signal you when to stop. A smart scale can scale recipes up and down, suggests a substitution, and even tell you how many calories you’re about to consume based on used ingredients!

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Wrap up

Going a few steps further you can connect all kitchen devices via smart speaker or hub, and enjoy a full benefit of a smart kitchen! These are appliances that are useful, more than older, non-smart alternatives.  They will help you cook faster and healthier, reduce food waste, help you with shopping lists, and even entertain you while cooking! So why not make your kitchen smart step by step and become a perfect chef?






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