Behmor Connected – The Ultimate Smart Coffee Maker?

The Behmor Connected is a smart coffee maker aiming to enhance your coffee brewing experience. But does the smart appliance deliver what every caffeine addict dreams about? Or is it just the next piece of technology that uses the ‘smart’ hype train to trampoline its price? Let’s find out. 

At BYSH we love our coffee. In fact, we barely function without it. And even though we are not your average coffee enthusiasts that know all about the right temperature and atmospheric pressure and choose their beans fresh from the local market, we still decided to check out a more advanced coffee maker out of sheer curiosity. Being smart tech enthusiasts at our very core, the choice was obvious. We wanted to find the best smart coffee maker there is. Of course, out of the gate our choices were limited, but nevertheless we found a few pots that fit our criteria.

The first that arrived and the first one we are going to review is the Behmor Connected. There aren’t many WiFi connected coffee makers on the market. Nevertheless, those that are marketed as the next evolution in coffee brewing. Does the Behmor Connected brewer live up to the hype?

The Behmor Connected Smart Coffee Maker – Worth it?

Behmor Connected Smart Coffee Maker
The Behmor Connected is one of the few coffee brewers on the market that have Amazon Alexa support.

First and foremost, everyone we contacted that had this coffee maker loves it. Although some do argue that the app is relatively limited, while others had trouble making it connect to the WiFi the first time, the general consensus was that the brewer does its job perfectly. And that’s what we found using the smart coffee maker, as well.

Sturdy Build Quality with a Questionable Look

The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker isn’t an appliance that screams a futuristic design. Rather, the manufacturer has bet on a modern look with nothing making it stand out from a conventional coffee maker.
The build quality more than makes up for the design. The maker is build from stainless steel with plastic beam support, with its center being surrounded by an anodized aluminum ring. The pot itself is also sturdy with a plastic handle and cap.

Surprisingly Useful

We praise the way Behmor has integrated simplicity and ease of use, without sacrificing on advanced functionality. The connected pot is extremely easy to use. After a simple app download, you’ll be able to start brewing your coffee via the use of your smart phone. What’s more, the brewer gives you an array of useful options every hardcore coffee enthusiasts would love to have. You are able to customize every step of the brew, including the atmospheric elevation. Yet, those who wouldn’t like to mess around with the array of settings can easily choose the specialty configurations without ever having to tinker with the additional functions.

The App Can be Frustrating

Behmor Connected Smart Coffee Application Screenshots
The application is fairly limited when it comes to customizations, but does have enough functionality to brew the perfect coffee.

One of the downsides of the smart home appliance is that the app can be frustrating at times. We didn’t have much trouble setting up the device, but we had to tinker a bit, until we were able to play around with the presets. As a whole, the Behmor connected app has its limitations, but it does offer access to the functionality you might need.

Do you Need a Smart Coffee Maker?

The small home appliance is definitely useful and would be a joy for every coffee brewing enthusiasts to use. However, the fact that the ‘smart’ functionality isn’t that necessary. In fact, you can save up a lot by ordering the Behmor Brazen Plus, which basically has the same functionality. The only thing missing is that you’d have to physically press buttons on the pot, instead of playing around with your smartphone.

Not Quite There Yet?

Our conclusion is relatively indecisive. Although the Behmor Connected Coffee Maker does offer amazing functionality, we are not certain about the ‘smart’-ness of the pot. Yes, you can connect the brewer to your smartphone and what’s even better is that earlier this year, Behmor did integrate Amazon Alexa. However, we can’t seem to wrap our heads around the idea of paying premium just to connect your brewer to the application. Even though Behmor is targeted at advanced enthusiasts who’d like something special in their kitchen, for the same price once could buy a non-smart, yet extremely useful brewer that has even better functionality than the Behmor Connected. Plus, it’s little brother, is also enough of a competition. Of course, for those who want an advanced easy-to-use smart coffee maker, the brewer might just be the right choice.

We also have our hands on a Mr. Coffee Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Maker and a Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker, as well as a Smarter Coffee Machine, so expect proper reviews and comparison in the upcoming week. 






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