How to Stream Media Directly to Your Smart TV from A Smartphone

It’s Saturday night; you turn on the TV and after ten minutes of mindlessly surfing the channels, you find absolutely nothing interesting to watch.

You think back to earlier that day when you were at work and remembered a video you took of your team doing silly things and the photos and videos you took of your kids birthday party last week.

You wish there was a quick and simple way to see everything on your TV and show your family, but if only there was a simple way to stream your media to your TV without cables or downloading the media to a USB.

Well, nowadays there are apps available to help you with this problem. More and more people – especially Millennials – use the Internet not only for social media but also to view photos and watch videos.

So, streaming your photos and videos is becoming more and more popular now that smartphones are becoming essential to our everyday lives.

If you’re trying to figure out how to easily stream your media directly to your Smart TV, a great and easy app to use is the SURE Universal app.

The SURE Universal App

One of the unique features of the app is the capability of streaming your media right to your Smart TV.

Once you add your Wi-Fi appliances to the system, you simply select your Smart TV or the media streamer you want to use.


From here you can click either the “media sharing” or “casting” icon, then click “browse” located in the middle of your smartphone display screen.

Just find the photos or videos you want to view on your Smart TV and press the individual file or “select all.”

Wait a few seconds and soon you’ll see your media show up on the TV screen.

So, instead of channel surfing on a Saturday night, you and your family can look at photos you took of your recent trip to the beach or videos from your summer vacation.

This app isn’t just for streaming either; it can replace most of the remotes in your home including TVs, smart TVs (via WiFi), projectors, dvd players and the most recent addition is air conditioner remotes.


So, if you’re sick and tired of losing the remote or fed up of the batteries in the remote running out just when you are ready to settle down to watch your favorite show, you can just download the app and throw away your remotes for good.

With the recent addition of air conditioner support the SURE app will help you streamline your home, making it greener and an overall better place to live.

Check out the SURE Universal app which is currently available for select Android devices.

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