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The BYSH Guide is a segment in which we are going to post tips and tutorials on making a better smart home setup, going DIY with home automation and more.

Last year, we had the idea of starting a smart home guide that helps each and every individual get into home automation.

That’s also the main topic of discussion in our free eBook that you receive by signing up for our newsletter.

Even though we weren’t able to have a proper weekly segment, we are currently working on making the BYSH Guide full of weekly smart home tips and tutorials a possibility. It is going to feature anything related to the industry, including tips for newcomers to experts and more.

This category currently features a bunch of our old guides, which need to be updated.

However, here you will also find the new chapters and tutorials of our BYSH Smart Home Weekly guide. Stay TUNED!

The BYSH Smart Home Weekly Guide is COMING SOON! 

DIY Tutorials
5 Favorite Home Automation Hacks with IFTTT

For those of you unfamiliar with IFTTT, it’s a program/website/app that allows you to connect different systems and create rules, or as they call them, “recipes”. IFTTT becomes especially awesome when you connect all of your smart home devices. Instead of waiting for your favorite brand to launch a version 2 or an update, you can just develop them yourself. The best part is that non-developers like me can do it. These are my 5 favorite home automation hacks with IFTTT. Actually, it should be called “My 4 favorite Hacks and 1 bonus Recipe for IFTTT” but that’s too long of a title.

Amazon Alexa Devices
What is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is the latest in smart home technology. It can play internet radio, music, news and more with voice command controls. It also uses voice commands to control household features such as lights and A/C. The full list of features is impressive, and the device retails for a reasonable price.

Home Automation Products
How to use your iPhone as a Wireless Light Switch

You can easily turn your iPhone into a wireless light switch with the right technology. Please keep in mind that you will always need corresponding hardware to turn your iPhone into a home automation command & control center. Below we have listed the top convenient solutions to control your lighting in your house wirelessly.

Smart Thermostats – What you need to know

Your normal thermostat helps you to adjust the temperature in your home, letting you control the heating and the air conditiong. The difference between Smart Thermostats and regular thermostats is the fact that they can learn from your specific needs and behaviours.

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