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The BYSH Guide is a segment in which we are going to post tips and tutorials on making a better smart home setup, going DIY with home automation and more.

Last year, we had the idea of starting a smart home guide that helps each and every individual get into home automation.

That’s also the main topic of discussion in our free eBook that you receive by signing up for our newsletter.

Even though we weren’t able to have a proper weekly segment, we are currently working on making the BYSH Guide full of weekly smart home tips and tutorials a possibility. It is going to feature anything related to the industry, including tips for newcomers to experts and more.

This category currently features a bunch of our old guides, which need to be updated.

However, here you will also find the new chapters and tutorials of our BYSH Smart Home Weekly guide. Stay TUNED!

The BYSH Smart Home Weekly Guide is COMING SOON! 

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