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Smoke Detectors are one of the first pieces of smart home technology that has been widely integrated into today’s society. Appearing as early as the 1890, the first automatic electric fire alarm was followed by the first European heat detector in 1902 and the first sensor for poison gas in the 1930s by a Swiss physicist. Today, smoke detectors are far different than their predecessors, but are still aimed at delivering a safe and secure, fire free home.

The Smoke Detectors we have today use ionization and photoelectric receivers, as well as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide detection, in order to determine whether the room they are is on fire. With the rise of smart home technology, some of the biggest smoke detector manufacturers are starting to implement new and different solutions in their devices. The smoke detectors we have today can easily connect to the Internet of Things, making the devices able to quickly connect to a network and report on the state of the house. Furthermore, with the achieved interconnectivity, people are now also able to more easily get information about the quality of air in their homes.

Smart Home technology is making smoke detectors more easy to install and reliable. The technology also lets the smoke detectors be easily interconnected with other alarm systems and grouped alarms in a domestic situation. Newer smoke detectors, while more expensive than their predecessors, are usually connected to a security or a fire alarm system and are controlled by fire alarm control panels. Such smoke detectors are usually used in commercial and industrial facilities, but due to advancement in the technology and for security reasons, they are also starting to get implemented in different home security alarm systems in homes around the world.

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