What is the Best Robot Vacuum?

Most people don’t know that the first automatic vacuum cleaner called Trilobite was already presented in 1997 by the swedish company Electrolux. And even Dyson, the market leader for vacuums, released their own robot in 2001. But in either cases the price or the time wasn’t right yet. It wasn’t until 2002 when iRobot shook up the technology world with the Roomba, a robotic vacuum that finally raised public awareness for this particular niche. The latter model also made it in our list of the best of the best…

Smart Home IKEA

If we asked you what furniture manufacturer is worldwide known, with practical, yet contemporary furniture created, who would you think about? Of course, most of us think about IKEA! IKEA pieces have modernist designs for various types of furniture and appliances, and its interior design is eco-friendly and straightforward. It is well known for its […]

2018 Q3: Quick Roundup Exploring Half-a-Year Worth of Smart Home News

The world of home automation devices continues to break milestones in 2018 as we move towards a more seamless smart home experience. From the rise of voice assistant speakers to the move towards mainstream-inization of wireless protocols such as Zigbee and Z-Wave, we’ve decided to summarize some of the most notable news of the industry this year. 

The IoT Roundup: What’s been happening this week? (3rd, December, 2017)

It has been a quiet few days in the world of IoT this week, but as we get closer to Christmas, that is only to be expected.  Products that are looking to be on the list of ‘popular gifts’ this year are likely to have been released by now, but we do have some interesting snippets that came to our attention over the last few days, so let’s take a look at the IoT roundup.

Bluetooth brings mesh capabilities to the home

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on IOT communication standards, listen up.  Bluetooth is about the throw a considerable-sized hat into the ring.  Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that Bluetooth has already entered the arena years ago, and in fact was one of the original standards that have been used by many smart device manufacturers

The expected innovations for the Smart Home 2017

With the ever growing home automation industry, we decided to tackle the question of what we should expect in innovations for the smart home 2017. Will Microsoft be putting Cortana in your home, while Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson are chilling on the couch? Will Google Home take over the home automation industry? The only certainty is that the industry is truly moving forward.

Should You Be Excited About a Facebook Smart Home AI System?

Facebook Smart Home AI Solution Assistant Zuckerburg Featured Image

Recent talks from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have raised speculation that the company will be revealing a new home automation AI assistant. Even though there still isn’t an official date about the unveil of a Facebook Smart Home AI system, trends in the smart home market show that Zuckerberg might have a slight shot at […]

The New Players in the Smart Home Industry – The Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop

Smart Home Industry Yonomi App Logitech Pop Switch Featured

Today, the smart home industry market saw two new major additions in the form of the Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop. The software is aimed at delivering a better and more enjoyable smart home experience, while the hardware aims for ease and simplicity in home automation. However, this is not the first time we’ve seen smart home devices with huge promises. Are this app and this device any different and can they change the industry? Chances are, they won’t. However, they are sill two great additions to the smart home market and are certainly worth checking out.