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Best Smart Home Security Cameras in 2018.

The home security is one of the points in life that concerns us all very much. It is not only about burglaries, it includes oven or heater left on or window left open. Not so long time ago, if you wanted to invest in the home security system, you would have to spend a huge amount of money for it.… Read More

Ransomware and Your Smart Home – The Security of Z-Wave

Smart home technology is all around us, but what’s the security of Z-Wave, the wireless communications protocol that drives the inter-connectivity of your devices?  The world around us is changing by the second. Innovation in wireless connectivity and the protocols that allow devices to talk to each other is what makes smart homes a reality.… Read More
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Advances in Security of Smart Homes

Based on recent research by August, 30 million households are expected to switch to smart homes in the United Stated by next year. Family safety becomes the top motivator for adopting smart home technology (63%) followed by convenience (53%). “The smart home industry is still a young market,” said Michael Wolf, chief analyst for NextMarket Insights.… Read More
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Best Home Security Camera Systems for 2017

Home security has been one of the main niches of the smart home industry. But how does the technology stand in 2017? What are the best new inventions? We decide to tackle these issues by giving a check with the best home security camera systems for 2017. … Read More
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Data Security in the Smart Home

This article was written by Jordan Stone, the Chief Software Architect at Notion. Your refrigerator can you tell you when you’re running low on milk and automatically order more to be delivered the next day. It can count the calories you’ve consumed by tracking what goes in and out, and send that information to your fitness tracker.… Read More