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Bixby: Samsung’s brand new AI assistant

At the recent Samsung Galaxy S8 keynote, the Korean manufacturer not only announced the release of a new flagship smart phone, but also introduced us to Bixby, their new voice and touch controlled assistant. While this area of tech is looking ever more crowded these days, Bixby comes with some unique features that Samsung hopes will elevate it above the competition.  … Read More

Facebook’s CEO Smart Home AI Assistant Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg release a new video showing off Jarvis. Facebook’s CEO, who had previously discussed the smart home AI assistant he was developing, now let everyone enter his home virtually and see for themselves what the AI truly does.  A few months ago we dived deep into a discussion of whether or not a Facebook smart home assistant was to be expected in the future and while Mark Zuckerberg does denies such developments, he continues to entice people with his personal smart home AI Jarvis.… Read More