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Robot Vacuum Cleaners are an essential part of the home automation process and are one of the leading and most popular smart home devices on the market. Implementing intelligent programing and a vacuum cleaning system, the autonomous robotic vacuums have first appeared on the market as soon as 1996, with the first robot cleaner being put into production by Electrolux. In 2001, Dyson demonstrated their vision of a robotic vacuum on the future in the form of the DC06, but unfortunately they didn’t release it on the market, due to its high price. In 2002, iRobot launched the first Roomba vacuuming robot, forever changing the face of the industry.

Today, robot vacuum cleaners are relatively affordable and are a huge part of the cleaning process in a number of homes. With advances in smart home technology, robotic vacuums are now able to better track their progress and be more autonomous. Furthermore, by being interconnected with other smart devices and networks in a smart home, robot vacuum cleaners are more easily operated and can provide their owners with more information on their house cleaning progress.

However, smart robot vacuum cleaners are not just advancing in their software capabilities. New robotic vacuum models, such as the Dyson’s 360 Eye are able to achieve high air sucking power. Others, integrate mopping, UV sterilization and other features, simultaneous to vacuuming, to also clean one’s home better. The robot vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly the most widely used smart home devices.


Most people don’t know that the first automatic vacuum cleaner called Trilobite was already presented in 1997 by the swedish company Electrolux. And even Dyson, the market leader for vacuums, released their own robot in 2001. But in either cases the price or the time wasn’t right yet. It wasn’t until 2002 when iRobot shook up the technology world with the Roomba, a robotic vacuum that finally raised public awareness for this particular niche. The latter model also made it in our list of the best of the best…


Robotic Vacuums: Neato Robotics vs. iRobot Roomba Robotic vacuums continue to enjoy a great deal…


The 360 Eye, the very first automated vacuum cleaner has been unveiled by Dyson after 16 years of extensive research in robotics and developments in the field. A press event held in Tokyo last September worked as the platform for revealing the Dyson 360 by the CEO and founder of the company, James Dyson. He claimed the device to be the foremost vacuum cleaner that is robotic yet not a gimmick.

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