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Apple Watch gets support from Insteon’s Home Control

This spring, Insteon’s market-leading home automation systems will be adding support for Apple Watch users. Insteon uses both power lines and radiofrequency communication capabilities inside the home to allow homeowners to automate many common household systems, including:Home security systems Door and window locking mechanisms Light switches Thermostat settings Wall outlets Lamps, appliances, and other plug-in modules Motion sensors Smoke detectors CO2 detectors Water leak detectors Ceiling fans And moreHome automation is about to get even simpler as Insteon adds home control to Apple Watch devices with their newly released app.… Read More


Insteon tries to combine the best of both worlds which means it supports powerline communication as well as radio frequency communication. Considering it only as a protocol would be an understatement. It is rather a complete technology stack which also consists of separate protocols for the two different types of communication.… Read More