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The New Face of Robot Vacuum Cleaning – The Dyson’s 360 Eye

In development for over 18 years, Dyson’s 360 Eye is finally here! According to the company’s owner Mike Aldred, the autonomous vacuum has surpassed its competition in the face of iRobot’s Roomba. But is that the case? After an R&D process that took 18 years and needed as much as $56 million of investment, Dyson’s 360 Eye is advertised as the new gold standard for robot vacuum cleaners.… Read More

Dyson 360 Eye – The Ultimate Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

The 360 Eye, the very first automated vacuum cleaner has been unveiled by Dyson after 16 years of extensive research in robotics and developments in the field. A press event held in Tokyo last September worked as the platform for revealing the Dyson 360 by the CEO and founder of the company, James Dyson.… Read More