What’s Google WiFi and Do You Need it for your Smart Home

After releasing Google Home, Alphabet Inc. is now releasing Google WiFi, an easy to setup wireless network router. However, is it good enough and do you truly need it for your smart home?

Just a few weeks ago, Google released their smart home voice-controlled hub on the market. Met with huge success, Google Home is a great competitor to the Amazon Echo. However, the company also wants to take on a slightly different industry, by unveiling the Google WiFi wireless network router. While not necessarily a piece of smart home tech, every home automation enthusiast needs a stable router. That’s why we decided to see, if the new kid on the block actually compares to the top players.

Google. Google everywhere.


The first thing that comes up to mind, once you open up the box of Google WiFi is Google. An Apple competitor, the company has taken the one ecosystem idea even further. With a sleek product design, Google WiFi is a small round device that that screams simplicity. On the surface, there is nothing but the ‘G’ logo and on the side there is a thin LED line that truly makes this device come to life. Design-wise, the WiFi router is leaps ahead compared to current routers on the market. Similarly to Google Home, the router will easily fit the interior of any modern-style home. With no antennas to stick around, the device can easily be put on the living room table and it won’t bother you the slightest bit. In fact, it is much like an art piece in the middle of your living room and it will definitely spark up some interesting conversations with your friends.

Privacy Invasion or a Good Friend?

One of the biggest discussions in recent years is security and information collection with regard to privacy. While a very small percentage of Google users actually pay attention to the Terms and Conditions they usually accept when setting up a new device, the fact of the matter is that if you have a Google account and use Chrome as your everyday browser, then Google most probably knows you better than you know yourself. With its audience in mind, the company officials stated that Google WiFi won’t collect any data about your activity, such as the websites that you are visiting. However, upon a closer inspection, you will find that by default, the device does collect app, hardware and network related information. While you can easily switch this off in the Privacy section of the settings, with Google’s sneaky attempts of collecting your personal information, we still can’t be certain about the security of your connection with regards to data collecting.

Setting Up with Ease, Great Coverage

Speaking of software, setting up the Google WiFi is an actual breeze. In fact, there is no other router today that is easier to set up than Google WiFi. With just a few clicks, you will be able to set up your router and start using your network. To set it up, you will need an Android or an Apple smartphone and you are required to make a Google account, if you don’t already have one.

Once set up, the router does manage to increase the coverage and deliver extremely fast connection speeds, especially when compared to its competitors at the same price range. According to Google officials, the router analyzes the air space in order to choose between a 5GHz and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band for which a client to connect in. In fact, used in a smart home with multiple devices that use Wi-Fi, the device did manage to stay pretty stable, especially in conditions in which other routers have previously failed.

The Bottom Line

Even though you do need a Google account and you are fairly limited when it comes to customization options, the fact of the matter is that the device is simple and it works. At the end of the day, Google WiFi won’t be for the extremely tech-savvy people that understand how wireless works at a deeper level. However, for the everyday user, the router is truly a miracle. It’s extremely easy to set up, looks amazing and it does improve the coverage of your wireless network, without you having to spend hours changing the router’s settings. There are still some issues that raise some worry, including the privacy collection done by Google, but for the most part, in the world we live in, having your information not collected by huge companies is almost unavoidable. That being said, for the everyday user, the Google WiFi router is a must have.

The Google WiFi router is currently available for purchase through the Amazon store.

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