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Being avid smart home enthusiasts, we constantly follow the latest trends in the home automation industry. Here, you can find our smart home reviews of different products on the market.

We try to be honest and transparent with our audience and we put this at top priority when writing our reviews.

Even though our opinion might get in the way at times, we try to take any measures to deliver honest reviews of smart home devices and home automation products.

Granted, we are still a small team and we don’t have access to all the devices we love to talk about. However, due to your continuous support and advancing our website forward, we strive towards delivering just the right reviews of products we’ve personally tested and have experience with.

We also aim to deliver the latest possible information and constantly try to update our older posts to feature the newest info on the matter. Yet, we would also like to know your opinion and experience with the products we feature, thus don’t forget to comment! Check out what we have to say for the home automation products currently available on the market below.