Amazon Echo Dot 2nd vs Amazon Echo Dot 3rd

With the release of the third generation Echo Dot, we all have the same dilemma: Which one is better, and is the new one worth a higher price? For your convenience and easier decision making, we have prepared a comparison of two models of Echo Dot – The 2nd and the 3rd generation.

The Design Upgrade

Amazon really worked on the appearance of its smart device this time. Echo Dot 3rd generation has a softer appearance that can fit every surrounding easier because its sides are covered in fabric. It doesn’t have a plastic look any more. Personally, I never really liked the look of the 2nd version, as it reminded me of an ashtray.

But if we talk about the look, the 2nd generation was improved by the third party accessories like cases which improved the appearance of this model. And you can change it, so if you mind the price of the device, and like to change the look of it, you might fancy the 2nd generation better. Keep in mind that Echo Dot 3rd generation is a bit bigger so it cannot fit the cases created for the previous version.

Still, back to the third generation, it comes in three colours: charcoal, sandstone, and heather grey. The previous version had two shades: white and black. So the upgrade of some colours and tones which are paler is really a plus to Echo Dot 3rd generation.

Two models are the same regarding button commands on them: a volume up button, a volume down button, an action button and a microphone off switch, are still present on the top of the gadget.

The Sound Upgrade

The upgrade of the sound speaker is the biggest one of all in the new version of the Echo Dot.

The size of the speaker has changed from 1.1 inches in Echo Dot 2nd generation to the 1.6-inch speaker in 3rd generation, and it sends out a 360-degree sound. The new version is about 70 per cent louder than the previous one with its bigger driver. This is a big plus if you listen to the music with the Alexa.

Same as the previous version, the Echo Dot keeps the 3.5-millimeter port, to be connected to an external speaker. So, if you have an excellent spare speaker, you can connect it to a 3rd generation Echo Dot to improve its sound, similar to 2nd generation. You can also connect an external speaker to the Dot via Bluetooth, for better performance.

During the installation of the new version, Alexa will ask you if you intend to use external speakers, and it instructs you through the connecting process if you do. You can do the connecting later if you’d like so.

The bass tones are also improved, and they stand shoulder to shoulder to highs and medium tones, so you can listen to the radio on new Dot version as well. With the weaker speaker, you couldn’t imagine to do it with the previous version. The microphone arrangement has also changed so now instead of seven there are four far-field microphones. But still, we are not sure what repercussion this change will have on the quality of the sound.

The Alexa Voice Assistant and Features Upgrade

The 3rd generation Echo Dot has the same Alexa version as 2nd generation, so regarding smartness, they are the same with Alexa skills to play your favourite music, answer your questions, control your smart home accessories, or learn new third-party skills.

The only difference claimed to be in the new version is better recognition of the voice due to four far-field microphones which have the better position on the speaker.

Setup and installation

If you had an Echo Dot earlier, than the installation is just the piece of cake for you, as the Alexa app remembers the Wi-Fi passwords and networks you’ve used in the past, so you don’t need to re-enter them. But if you didn’t have Alexa earlier, than just follow straightforward instructions and the installation and initial setup shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes.

Pricing and availability

With the release of Echo Dot 3rd generation on 11. October, the price of the 2nd generation just got so low ($29.99) as it has never been, so this is one excellent reason to get the Dot 2. Still, if you wish to enjoy your favourite music without a need for external speakers, Dot 3 leaves Dot 2 far behind, and with the more delicate appearance, this could be a much better choice for you.

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