Bluetooth brings mesh capabilities to the home

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on IOT communication standards, listen up.  Bluetooth is about the throw a considerable-sized hat into the ring.  Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that Bluetooth has already entered the arena years ago, and in fact was one of the original standards that have been used by many smart device manufacturers

Ransomware and Your Smart Home – The Security of Z-Wave

Smart home technology is all around us, but what’s the security of Z-Wave, the wireless communications protocol that drives the inter-connectivity of your devices?  The world around us is changing by the second. Innovation in wireless connectivity and the protocols that allow devices to talk to each other is what makes smart homes a reality. Home automation […]

Dojo – Your new home network guardian

One of the biggest issues with IOT and the range of smart home devices is security and the risk of malware. With huge worldwide infections that have effected everything from child monitors to doorbells. As the world of IOT starts to find it’s feet, security is going to be paramount to placating people’s worries and taking the industry from the peripheries, and into the mainstream

Security and the big worry for IOT

You have probably heard recently about the ransomware attack that hit over 100 countries last week, and caused havoc for many large companies including the UK’s National Health Service. This attack brought hospitals and doctor’s surgeries to their knees, cancelling operations and causing legitimate worry for a health service already under severe strain.

Amazon to release the Echo Show – Alexa with a screen

Amazon have been doing rather well in the home hub department of late. The original Echo was a blockbuster hit, as was it’s smaller sibling, the Echo Dot. The recent release of the Echo look (a smart camera that gives you fashion advice) is yet to prove it’s worth in the market, but from what we have seen so far, it will probably carve out a niche for itself to some degree