Smart Home IKEA

If we asked you what furniture manufacturer is worldwide known, with practical, yet contemporary furniture created, who would you think about? Of course, most of us think about IKEA! IKEA pieces have modernist designs for various types of furniture and appliances, and its interior design is eco-friendly and straightforward. It is well known for its […]

2018 Q3: Quick Roundup Exploring Half-a-Year Worth of Smart Home News

The world of home automation devices continues to break milestones in 2018 as we move towards a more seamless smart home experience. From the rise of voice assistant speakers to the move towards mainstream-inization of wireless protocols such as Zigbee and Z-Wave, we’ve decided to summarize some of the most notable news of the industry this year. 

Easy Z-Wave Smart Blinds Solution? Probably not the Teptron MoveZ Series.

Kickstarter backers of the Teptron Z-Wave smart blinds MoveZ projects are furious about not getting their orders delivered on time. Other customers are irritated, stating that the product will not be the same as it is being advertised to be.  Update, 20th of June 2018: Teptron sent us an official response regarding this case and our […]