Zigbee to Dominate the IoT Market by 2023

A notable business intelligence firm in the IoT sector, ON World, released a report noting that Zigbee chips will dominate the market by 2023. In particular they noted that by 2023, the sales of the chips will reach one billion annually, marking 85% of the expected 4.5 billion cumulative IEEE 802.15.4 mesh device worldwide market.

It’s official. Just a day after we released our Zigbee to Z-Wave comparison, a new report noted that Zigbee is the leading IoT connectivity technology for the smart home.

The report in question was released by ON World, a leading business intelligence firm for the IoT industry. It noted on the half-a-billion current chip sales of Zigbee and went to further predict that the sales would reach one billion annually.

In particular, Mareca Halter, the principal analyst at ON World, stated that their team has conducted year-round research in dozens of ecosystems, interviewing and surveying thousands of companies of all sizes across the entire value chain.

According to her, the findings go forth to state that Zigbee not only dominates the current wireless mesh sensor network market, but will continue to do so in the future.

The decline of Z-Wave?

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily signify the decline of the Z-Wave protocol, as Persistence Market Research did release a report prior saying that the protocol is to experience revolutionary growth by 2025.

Yet, in the official press release, the firm did not reveal any key insights. We’ve requested a sample of the report and will update the article accordingly, if we receive more information. 

ON World did publish, among their key findings, that Zigbee will continue to dominate the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication technology market in the upcoming years. The company further stated that by 2023 it is expected not only that Zigbee chips will reach one billion sales annually, but also that the cumulative sales of devices within the industry would reach 4.5 billion. The more interesting part is that the company predicts that as much as 85% of them would use the standards set by Zigbee Alliance.

The ON World report, alongside it’s synopsis and Table of Contents can be viewed and purchased via the official ON World business intelligence for the IoT sector website.

Whether it’s Zigbee or Z-Wave, one thing is certain – the smart home industry is here to stay and here to grow. 

Which devices do you prefer Zigbee or Z-Wave? Let us know in the comment section below the article!

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