Z-Wave Ready Nexia Home Automation System Adds Vognition Voice Control

Nexia Home Automation System Vognition Integration Featured Image

The Nexia Home Automation System Company has finally added voice control from Vognition to its Z-Wave ready smart home hub. Home Bridge will now be able to respond to a multitude of voice commands, bringing the device up-to-par with its competitors. 

Nexia, a home automation system focused company, has added voice recognition capabilities to its smart home hub device called the Home Bridge. It has managed to do so with the help of Vognition, an Oakland-based startup, focused on delivering new natural-voice-control solutions.

As reported earlier this month by our friends at Tech Home Builder, the Nexia Home Bridge will now let its users control any device connected to their hub with the use of voice commands. This includes Z-Wave ready thermostats, garage door controllers, ceiling fans and more.

The Vognition Voice Control Platform

According to Vognition officials, Nexia isn’t the only company the startup will be cooperating with. Michael Liguori, Vognition founder and SEO, has stated that their startup provides some key advantages over competitors, one of which is their strategy of full smart-home voice portal solution crossing, that integrates with some wearables, the Amazon Echo, as well as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Bringing new Appeal to the Nexia Home Automation System and Home Bridge

The addition of voice control through Vognition is a great step towards a more seamless smart home experience. This certainly increases the appeal of the Nexia Home Automation system solutions, which are not often praised for being the best on the market.

Nexia Home Automation System Vognition Integration Home Bridge Image

For those unaware, the Nexia Home Bridge is a Z-Wave ready smart hub that offers customers easy integration and control of multiple smart devices. The device itself provides users with a great mix of simplicity and functionality. However, one of the more controversial decisions made by Nexia is to offer their automation services at a monthly fee. This has been detrimental to the success of the smart home hub.

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