The Tado Smart Thermostat is now smarter than ever

Tado, a rival from Europe to Google’s Nest thermostat, has announced recently that it will be launching a public API and also add support for IFTTT channels. The popular smart thermostat developer hopes that with the new changes they can finally expand their ecosystem of related services and devices by gaining developer support. One of the main benefits of the support for IFTTT channels is the fact that users can now connect their tado smart thermostat with their online connected lights and configure it so that they automatically turn off when they’re leaving home. This is made possible thanks to Tado’s geo-location feature which detects where the user is at every step of the way.

The second big news of the day for Tado concerned their first ever partner and developer APIs. The company said in an interview that the Android Wear and Pebble applications were actually developed by 2 bright minds which are part of the Tado developer community. Currently, Tado is very happy to offer the Tado API to developers who may want to use it in order to create new applications.

Thanks to its host of amazing functions, the Tado thermostat can easily rival the Nest Learning Thermostat from Google in more ways than one. According to Christian Deilmann, founder and CEO of Tado, “a device’s user experience is essential to its success”.

Speaking in support of the device he went on to say that “the main difference between a great product and a good product lies in the digital user experience. Obviously, the device that has a great UI which is seamlessly integrated with its user’s lifestyle and easily communicates with other devices and each other is going to be the winner”.

Tado seems to be treading on the right path since with the new IFTTT support it can now be easily connected with a wide range of devices and therefore opens a whole new world of possibilities for its users. For example, they can now set their tado smart thermostat to a specific temperature just by initiating an UP24’s sleep mode. These are really big changes that will definitely convince the average Tado user and even those who are on the fence about it that this is the future of home thermostats.

Currently, Tado bills itself as the main smart thermostat manufacturer in Europe and its product is said to be compatible with more than 95 percent of all heating systems on the market today. This includes boiler systems as well.

After the big announcement the company made which is certainly going to create a positive shockwave throughout the industry and garner more attention towards Tado, the company said it plans on extending its lead in Europe and aim for a market share that is as close as possible to 100%. Whether that will happen and when, remains to be seen. Until then, Tado remains one of the most attractive smart thermostats on the market today.



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