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Ryan Margoles, the CTO from Notion, provided us with a very informative article about their exciting product:

Picture this scenario: you’re running late at the office on a cold, wintery day. Your beloved dog is awaiting you at home in the dark as you’re usually there to turn the lights on for him at 6pm.
You roll in at 7 with a pang of guilt knowing he was stuck fortunately, Fido hasn’t a care in the world and is equally glad to see you as if you’d turned all the lights in the world on. Well, this all too common situation has been a thing of the past over the last few years with the advent of the connected light bulb. Setting timers, controlling lights via your phone, and even changing colors is a welcomed addition to anyone looking to keep their home warm and bright whenever they get home. So, connected lights, smart thermostats, and intelligent sprinkler controllers were the initial foray into the conscious home. What’s next?

At Notion, we’re engineering an elevated experience integrated with the products you know and love now. We’re driving the concept called “home awareness” and the impetus has been to truly
give your home a voice. With 8 different sensors in each device, Notion can be used for a variety of different monitoring needs around the house. Users receive custom push notifications on everything from open doors, windows, water leaks, lights, smoke alarms and more.

Here’s a few examples of how Notion complements your current smart home:
Connected Lights (Philips Hue, Lutron, LIFX): Since Notion monitors entry points and windows within a home, our sensors can work with your smart lights to deter any unwarranted access. If a window breaks, imagine red lights flashing throughout the entire home.
Smart Sound Systems (Sonos): On a similar level as above, loud music or a specific noise could be emitted if an access point is compromised.
Learning Thermostats (Nest, Lyric): Notion can serve as your home ambient temperature service when paired with a smart thermostat. Since the thermostat can only tell the temperature of the hallway it’s in, Notion sensors in bedrooms, living areas, and even wine cellars can turn on your AC or heat to keep everyone happy.
Smart Door Locks (August, Kevo): With Notion’s presence sensing capability (i.e. sensing whether the user is home or not), automatic triggering of doors locking or opening is a breeze. Say you leave through your back door or garage, the front entry door lock won’t be privy to your exit. Enter Notion to save the day!


Not all integrations are with consumer goods:
Weather Services: Perhaps it’s about to rain in your neighborhood, get a friendly reminder from Notion that an upstairs window is open.
Calendars: Weekend BBQ planned? Notion will check your propane tank’s level and alert you if a refill is in order.
Water Damage: We like to say Notion can be the difference between a basement remodel and a mop in the case of a water leak. Well, if the situation gets worse somehow, let Notion be your concierge in connecting you with trusted folks to help remediate the mess.

The list of ways to take action on Notion’s senses is neverending. As we continue to innovate the home, we will have a major emphasis on how to further provide a voice to the most important, largest investment most people ever make their homes. Let Notion worry about the small things, so you can focus on the things you love!

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