The New Players in the Smart Home Industry – The Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop

Smart Home Industry Yonomi App Logitech Pop Switch Featured

The smart home industry is rapidly changing with the appearance of new software and hardware. Today, two major additions to the home automation world became available on the market, in the face of the Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop, but can they deliver on their promises? Let’s find out.

Today, the smart home industry market saw two new major additions in the form of the Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop. The software is aimed at delivering a better and more enjoyable smart home experience, while the hardware aims for ease and simplicity in home automation. However, this is not the first time we’ve seen smart home devices with huge promises. Are this app and this device any different and can they change the industry? Chances are, they won’t. However, they are sill two great additions to the smart home market and are certainly worth checking out.

The Yonomi App

Let’s start with the Yonomi App. Focused on delivering a unique home automation experience, Yonomi turns your smart home into a true futuristic experience. While it doesn’t do anything incredibly innovative or different, it nonetheless provides with a unique perspective of what the smart home experience should be.


The Yonomi app lets you create different smart home automation scenarios, similar to IFTTT. However, it’s sole single focus is to help you set up and implement routine smart home experiences with ease. Once connected to your smart home system and devices via the simple “discover devices” button, the app lets you create a number of automatic routines, you’d like to have in your smart home.


For example, you can set up the application to turn on the lights in your home and put on your favorite song on your smart home speakers, every time you get home. This might not seem as something notable for the average smart home enthusiast, but not having to go through a rather more complicated process, such as the one presented in IFTTT, is perfect for those who are just getting into smart home automation. Able to integrate with almost any smart home industry device, including the Amazon Alexa, Yonomi is definitely an app to with which to tinker and play around. While it does not provide some of the more advanced features of IFTTT, it is definitely a nice and easy to use alternative. Furthermore, with its routines set-up, you’d be easily able to spread your creativity wild and truly enhance your smart home experience via the Yonomi app and your smart home devices.

The Logitech Pop

The Logitech Pop has been made available for pre-order earlier today and definitely managed to turn some heads in the smart home industry market. With the need of a more seamless smart home experience, Logitech has created a do-it-all button that is easily integrated with the home automation system you may have in place.

Smart Home Industry Logitech Pop Switch Featured

The Pop is a smart home button that is similar to the Philips Hue Tap. However, the main thing that separates it from the Philips Hue Tap is the fact that the Logitech Pop is easily programmable and can be used to control a number of smart home industry components, from smart locks, through smart home speakers, smart blinds and pretty much anything that is connected to your home automation network.

Smart Home Industry Logitech Pop Switch Featured New

Furthermore, the device can be set up to use different inputs for a number of devices. You can set it up to turn off your lights with one tap and turn your speakers on with a double press. The Logitech Pop is also able to work in tandem with a Logitech Harmony remote, in order to turn on and off and control your TV more easily.

Currently, the Logitech Pop is available for preorder for $99 with extra home switches costing $39 per device. According to Logitech, they will start shipping devices in a few weeks time.

What are your thoughts on the Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop? Make sure to leave your comments below. 

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