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Note: We asked Brett DeSilva from Switchform to tell us something about their upcoming exciting product – The Lifeswitch. Switchform is one of those exciting Startups that have realized that Home Automation is still far from being simple and came up with this great product to provide a better user experience.

The Switchform team consists of us two, Brett and Bryan. We launched this small start-up to make it possible to build smart homes simpler through design. We have been in the home automation field for quite some time and have noticed a huge surge in the demand to control one’s home via mobile devices but what happens when that control leaves the home. We thought, “Let’s make a product that allows you to run your home as easily as you operate the apps on your phone.” The Lifeswitch was born.

Lifeswitch takes a simple, everyday light switch and turns it into a smart home. Control by touch or voice your lights, music, temperature, alarm and send text messages. FaceTime with friends and family, or open the garage door. The possibilities are endless. Lifeswitch means everyone can have access to a smart home for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Lifeswitch uses a 5th or 6th generation Apple iPod touch® (purchased separately) as the brains behind the smart home. We are huge fans of the consumer smart home movement and believe our product is the next step in making the smart home accessible to everyone.

By running apps on the iPod touch in our Lifeswitch dock we can take advantage of Apple’s HomeKit® to enable hands free ability to control devices via Siri integration. Pair it up with other HomeKit products like Belkin’s WEMO® switches, Lutron® Caséta wireless dimmers and switches, and Insteon® Hub and switches to allow the best possible user experience in the market. We believe our product would greatly compliment all app-enabled products and showcase them in the best way possible.
Lifeswitch is always there, always charged, and always connected to you and the App-Enabled Devices in the home by mounting to the existing light switch boxes. No longer are we stuck with proprietary devices and interfaces that are not useful to the way we work and live. With no wires to run and no holes to cut, Lifeswitch couldn’t be simpler to install.

lifeswitch switchform

Lifeswitch will be available for preorder product soon and are excited by the support of those who believe, like us, that this awesome technology should be available to everyone everywhere. Help us help upgrade homes one lifeswitch at a time. Any questions about the product can be asked via our website.


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