Staples Connect Home Automation System Devices Line goes Z-Wave

Staples has officially announced that it’s handing over their home automation system Staples Connect to Z-Wave Products. 

Staples has made an official announcement earlier today, regarding its Connect home automation system. According to the statement, Staples will be handing over the sales and support of their smart home system to Z-Wave Products. Currently, the terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed. However, representatives at Zonoff, a software support company for the Connect, stated that Z-Wave would continue to move the Staples Connect brand forward.

The Not-So-Surprising Decision

The decision made by Staples is not surprising at all. Industry experts have noticed that the company had stopped selling the Connect hub months ago, and there were even rumors that the company might pull the plug off its IoT line of devices. However, with Z-Wave Products purchasing the smart home hub, the situation is quite different than what was expected.

Users of the Connect hub and app will be happy to know that they should not experience any practical change to their system. According to Kevin Garton, CMO at Zonoff, Z-Wave Products is “very interested in continuing to grow and evolve the platform.”

The Future of the Staples Connect Platform

The Staples Connect platform, like many other smart home hub devices, is aimed at being an all-in-one solution for the smart home. Even though it didn’t manage to deliver on the promise, with Z-Wave Products purchasing the brand, things might become quite different. While official plans haven’t been announced, the most likely scenario is for Z-Wave to continue to push towards a smart home device unification. That way the smart home industry will be one step closer to the long desired, by both industry specialists and the general public, a seamless smart home experience.

Nonetheless, the fractious market world of the smart home is still a huge issue. New protocols and systems, including Z-Wave and Zigbee, did manage to achieve tremendous success throughout the recent years. However, voice-activated integration products from bigger companies, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, do manage to stir things up on the smart home market.

With that in mind, Garton stated that systems like the Staples Connect should adopt more “evolving business models,” to increase their competitiveness and take more advantage on the ever-changing smart home market world.

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