Smart Home Solutions Avidly Implemented by European and US Home Owners

Saving energy and security are among the top priorities of homeowners, who look into the implementation of smart home solutions, according to a research done by Bosch and Twitter. 

Today, smart home technologies can do far more than what people previously thought would be possible in such a short period of time. In fact, many consider different smart home solutions to be greatly underrated. That’s why, Earlier this year, in the month of August, Bosch and Twitter got together to research the different trends on the European and US smart home market. The research took a look at the home automation industry in France, Germany, the UK, Austria, Spain and the US.

What does Twitter show about the Smart Home?

According to the research, most Twitter users aren’t aware of the huge capabilities of the current smart home solutions available on the market. According to the survey, about two-thirds of the participants were aware that they are able to control their lighting in the smart home. However, only about twenty-two percent can imagine that your oven can share with you the perfect recipe for the day. Country-wise, the French have more trust in the technologies of the smart home, compared to the British, Americans or Austrians.


What’s certainly interesting is the fact that people between the ages of 25 and 34 are closer to their evaluation of the current state of smart home solutions in the industry. It’s extremely surprising that the youngsters of the “internet generation” don’t really know what a smart home can do. In fact, teenagers and young adults with an age between sixteen and twenty-four years old, who can’t truly imagine the world without internet, aren’t really familiar with the technologies of an intelligent home. Nevertheless, the main reason for this might be their lack of interest in technology that is related to home appliances and the home as a whole.

Only about fifty percent of the participants in the survey are convinced that current smart home systems give different home appliances the possibility to communicate with one another, whether or not they are from the same or different manufacturer.

Saving Energy is one of the Top Factors for Smart Home Solution Implementation

One of the top reasons homeowners throughout the globe choose to implement home automation solutions is without a doubt the saving of energy. Different smart home solutions help people do tedious routines, provide with control of the home at a distance and ultimately create better comfort. Nevertheless, the participants in the study showed that one of the main reasons to choose smart home appliances is the saving of energy, in relation to saving money. This is especially true for people from Spain, France and the UK, who are most interested in saving money. Between seventy-one and seventy-five percent show energy savings as a convincing argument for the implementation of smart home technologies.


This is also the most popular answer for Germans. However, compared to other countries, they are still at last place with fifty-nine percent. This is slightly surprising, as Germany is one of the countries with most environmentally-conscious people. Nevertheless, in Spain, France and the UK, the energy efficiency factor is usually connected not as much with saving the environment, as it is with saving money.

Having a Great Holiday without any worries about Home Security

Safety and security come at the second and third place as arguments for the implementation of smart home solutions with fifty-nine and fifty-eight percent. The smart home, who automatically triggers the alarm, when an intruder comes in, can also send a text to the homeowner. What’s even more impressive is the fact, that you can watch over your home from your smartphone via smart home security cameras, when you are on a holiday.


The smart home security factor is more important for women than it is for men. Even though with other reasons and arguments about the smart home women tend to be more skeptical, the situation with the security is quite different.

Only about one-third of the participants of the survey find it important whether or not they can prepare their espresso while they are still in bed. When it comes to this reason, the French lead the chart with as much as forty-two percent highly interested in their smart home preparing their latte immediately when they enter their kitchen.

Always on the move

In the UK and the US, as much as sixty percent of people are highly interested in the idea of being able to control their smart home appliances, while on the road. In Spain, Germany and Austria only about thirty percent are interested in this, with as much as forty-five percent of French showing interest in such as feature.


When in a hurry, people from different countries are all on the same page that they can make their smart home solutions work for them. All of the participants also find the idea to have access to your home, while on a holiday, very interesting.

What does this all mean?

The wide-spread implementation of smart home solutions is ever growing. What this survey goes to show is just how unfamiliar people are with the smart home industry. Even though most of them are highly interested in having an automated home for such a wide variety of reasons, it is surprising that so few are actually aware that we already have the technology that makes such things possible.

Another important note to take from this survey on the implementation of smart home solutions, is not just how small the differences between countries are, but how important people find energy savings, safety and security to be. In this day and age, when people tend to question the security of smart home tech, it’s surprsing to see the spike of interest.

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