SkyBell 2.0 – Smart doorbell with Wi-Fi camera and Motion Sensor

After the great success of their crowdfunding campaign in 2013, Skybell decided to manufacture Version 2 of their Smart Doorbell.

SkyBell 2.0 features a better Wi-Fi module and more memory to enable a better performance compared to its predecessor. Moreover, the camera is night vision compatible and has 140 degree of view which makes it possible to capture the video within 6 feets distance to the door. The SkyBell 2.0 uses cutting-edge cloud technology meaning you have start-of-the-art apps for your Android (2.x or higher) or iOS (6.1 or higher) smartphone which directly connect you to the doorbell.

This means you wouldn’t even need to be at your house to answer the door. If someone rings the bell you are receiving a push message directly to your phone. After accepting the incoming connection a one-way video and a two-way audio stream is opened. The visitor cannot see you, but you can see him and can talk to him. A smooth video communication requires a Wi-Fi router that supports communicating at 2.4 GHz and speaks 802.11b/g/n. Needless to say that your actual internet connection should provide sufficient bandwidth as well. Skybell recommends upload speeds of at least 1.5Mbps and download speeds of at least 1.0Mbps. The SkyBell 2.0 itself is powered by the existing powerlines that your current analogue or digital doorbell uses.


Skybell 2.0 comes in a brushed aluminium case. A brushed bronze version is also available.


In terms of Home Security, this is a huge step forward towards simplicity. Of course, it doesn’t replace a full-blown Home Security System with surveillance cameras and alerts but it is a good start. Admittedly, the SkyBell 2.0 is a bit more expensive than your usual doorbell but it pays off when you use your iPhone to tell the postman to hide your new Playstation 4 behind the garage while you are stuck in a traffic jam.

The SkyBell 2.0 can be pre-ordered at

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