We are on Reddit! The Home Automation Subreddit of BYSH!

The BuildYourSmartHome.co SubReddit is Here!

We are happy to announce that we’ve created our own subreddit! We would be happy if you join our ever-growing community of smart home and home automation enthusiasts and share your experiences, opinions, setups, ideas, news and more! 

Thank you for the continuous support. At BuildYourSmartHome.co we are dedicated to bringing the best possible content related to home automation. Being eager to hear your opinion and discuss everything smart home related to you, we’ve also gone on further to create our own subreddit.

Be sure to check out our small little community and we would be happy if you join. We are still undergoing some changes, both on our website and over on Reddit and other social media, but thank you for being part of our continuous quest towards finding the best home automation products and solutions.

Join us over on Reddit!

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