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The Smart Home Industry in 2016 Review

The Smart Home Industry in 2016 didn’t saw much innovation in terms of devices. However, more and more huge tech companies decided to step into the home automation scene. Here are some of the most notable moments and news for the smart home from 2016.… Read More
General Telstra Smart Home Australia News Article Featured Image

Australia’s Intelligent Homes – The Telstra Smart Home

Today Australia homes are getting smarter with the release of The Telstra Smart Home. The company offers two subscription-based services, the first being “watch and monitor”and the second aimed at “Automation and energy.” During the past several years Australia has been lacking in innovation and adoption of smart home technologies.… Read More
News Google Home Hub New Info Release Date Specs Price Review Featured Image

New Information about Google Home Hub Revealed at MadeByGoogle Event

Google officially unveiled the Google Home Hub at their recent MadeByGoogle event. The answer to the Amazon Echo, the hub will have far-field voice recognition with touch controls and integrated Hi-Fi speaker. Earlier this week Google has officially unveiled their long-anticipated answer to the Amazon Echo, the Google Home Hub.… Read More

Easy Z-Wave Smart Blinds and Shades Automation Solution with MOVEZ

Reaching More than 70-percent of their IndieGoGo goal in less than a week, MOVEZ is the perfect Z-Wave based motorized solution that can help you easily automate the blinds and the shades in your home.  Designed and produced by Teptron, MOVE is a series of easy-to-install smart home devices that let you your blinds or shades.… Read More
News Smart Fridge Camera TheFridgeCam New Tech Featured Article Image

Your Fridge is Now Getting Smarter with TheFridgeCam

At the International Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), a convention for consumer electronics, similar to CES, the UK-based company Smarter debuted a new wireless fridge camera, called TheFridgeCam, that will be able to look over your food.  Last week, Berlin’s answer to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), called the International Funkasstellung Berlin, or IFA, took place.… Read More
General Facebook Smart Home AI Solution Assistant Zuckerburg Featured Image

Should You Be Excited About a Facebook Smart Home AI System?

Recent talks from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have raised speculation that the company will be revealing a new home automation AI assistant. Even though there still isn’t an official date about the unveil of a Facebook Smart Home AI system, trends in the smart home market show that Zuckerberg might have a slight shot at revolutionizing the home automation industry. … Read More
News Lucy Smart Home Assistant Kickstarter Project Featured

What is ‘Lucy’ and Why It Isn’t a Big Deal for the Smart Home

Appearing on Kickstarter, Lucy is a wall-mounted display that incorporates voice control and face recognition technology to help you control your smart home. However, the device might just fall short of what home automation enthusiasts are truly looking for.  Currently, the trend with home automation devices is to bring forth either a sense of device integration or better interactivity through voice-controlled software.… Read More
News Hive Smart Thermostat IFTTT Support Featured

Hive Smart Thermostats Finally Receive IFTTT Support

Earlier this week, Hive has officially announced that they are bringing IFTTT support to their line of smart thermostat devices. Manufactured by British Gas, Hive is a collection of smart home devices that provide simple and easy to install home automation solutions.… Read More
News Staples Connect Z-Wave Products Deal Article Featured Image

Staples Connect Home Automation System Devices Line goes Z-Wave

Staples has officially announced that it’s handing over their home automation system Staples Connect to Z-Wave Products.  Staples has made an official announcement earlier today, regarding its Connect home automation system. According to the statement, Staples will be handing over the sales and support of their smart home system to Z-Wave Products.… Read More
General Navigant Research Ecobee Nest Honeywell Smart Thermostat Vendors Report

Ecobee Surpasses Nest Labs and Honeywell

According to a recent report from Navigant Research, Ecobee is the leading smart thermostat vendor, followed closely by Nest Labs and Honeywell.  Ecobee has emerged as the leading smart thermostat vendor in a new leaderboard report from Navigant Research. The annual report examined 17 of the most prime smart thermostat service vendors, assessing their relative strengths and weaknesses in the global market.… Read More
News Argon Boards IoT Solution Smart Home Open Source New

What are Argon Boards? The New Open Source IoT Solution

Argon Boards enters the IoT hardware market with two new boards, the i.MX6 Multi-Purpose IoT Gateway Reference board and the LS1021A community boards.  Earlier today, Argon Boards issued a press-release announcing their two new hardware boards for IoT and Smart Home solution enthusiasts.… Read More