2018 Q3: Quick Roundup Exploring Half-a-Year Worth of Smart Home News

The world of home automation devices continues to break milestones in 2018 as we move towards a more seamless smart home experience. From the rise of voice assistant speakers to the move towards mainstream-inization of wireless protocols such as Zigbee and Z-Wave, we’ve decided to summarize some of the most notable news of the industry this year. 

Ransomware and Your Smart Home – The Security of Z-Wave

Smart home technology is all around us, but what’s the security of Z-Wave, the wireless communications protocol that drives the inter-connectivity of your devices?  The world around us is changing by the second. Innovation in wireless connectivity and the protocols that allow devices to talk to each other is what makes smart homes a reality. Home automation […]

Dojo – Your new home network guardian

One of the biggest issues with IOT and the range of smart home devices is security and the risk of malware. With huge worldwide infections that have effected everything from child monitors to doorbells. As the world of IOT starts to find it’s feet, security is going to be paramount to placating people’s worries and taking the industry from the peripheries, and into the mainstream

Security and the big worry for IOT

You have probably heard recently about the ransomware attack that hit over 100 countries last week, and caused havoc for many large companies including the UK’s National Health Service. This attack brought hospitals and doctor’s surgeries to their knees, cancelling operations and causing legitimate worry for a health service already under severe strain.

Should You Be Excited About a Facebook Smart Home AI System?

Facebook Smart Home AI Solution Assistant Zuckerburg Featured Image

Recent talks from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have raised speculation that the company will be revealing a new home automation AI assistant. Even though there still isn’t an official date about the unveil of a Facebook Smart Home AI system, trends in the smart home market show that Zuckerberg might have a slight shot at […]

Bluetooth 5 Technology Set to Change the IoT Landscape by the Year 2021

Bluetooth 5 Evolution IoT

The evolution of Bluetooth 5 Technology will change the IoT Landscape in the upcoming years. According to ABI Research, the shipment of Bluetooth-enabled devices will reach over 5 billion per year by the year 2021.  We’ve recently covered the Smart Home evolution movement as seen by World governments and big corporations. However, now it’s time […]