New Information about Google Home Hub Revealed at MadeByGoogle Event

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Google officially unveiled the Google Home Hub at their recent MadeByGoogle event. The answer to the Amazon Echo, the hub will have far-field voice recognition with touch controls and integrated Hi-Fi speaker.

Earlier this week Google has officially unveiled their long-anticipated answer to the Amazon Echo, the Google Home Hub. As expected, the hub will be quite similar to the Echo with its selling point being the integration with Google and the new AI assistant of the company.

Google’s Home Hub Hardware

Hardware-wise the hub will come with an integrated Hi-Fi speaker that manages to deliver clear sound and rich bass, making it a great addition to your home audio system. The device also features touch controls, which can be found on the top of the device. On the front of the device, above the Google logo and the indicator LED, you will find a mute button that will put the hub’s microphones on standby.

When it comes to microphones, the Google Home Hub features only two of them, compared to the seven found on the Amazon Echo. Nevertheless, with its brains in the cloud, Google’s device manages to better recognize sound in noisy environments. Having a voice recognition technology that has been worked on for years is one of the main advantages that works in favor of the Google Home Hub. Furthermore, the integration of AI in the face of the new Google Assistant manages to deliver better overall functionality. These two things Amazon can’t really compare against, having in mind the existing dominance of Google in both fields.

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Image Source: MadeByGoogle

The Aesthetically Pleasing Design of the Google Home Hub

Another feature that separates the Google Home Hub from the Amazon Echo is the design. While the Echo is nothing more than a speaker, the Home Hub is designed to embrace the look of an art piece. Like a vase, fitting perfectly in your living room, the Home hub manages to deliver great aesthetics without harming its hardware capabilities. Furthermore, the device will have a customizable base, with the option to change the base of your hub to a color that will better fit your interior.

Similar to other devices presented at the MadeByGoogle event, the Google Home Hub does embrace a design feel similar to Apple devices. The hub has a sleek round finish and the speaker grill manages to fit the overall style, rather than being intrusive, like the one of the Amazon Echo. Furthermore, with the innovative touch controls on top of the device and one-button front design, the Home Hub certainly manages to put the cherry on the cake. Google’s G-logo is also put on the front with a small indicator LED above it, giving the device further intuitive feel.

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Image Source: MadeByGoogle

The Slight Drawback

The only slight drawback the Google Home hub has compared to the Amazon Echo is its current lack of support. However, this is completely understandable, especially having in mind that the device is yet to hit the market. In fact, the current capabilities of Google Home will allow the smart home enthusiast work their way around the device and control their smart home devices with their voice.

Currently, IFTTT, SmartThings, Nest, Philips Hue and Google Chromecast are all supported out-of-the-gate. During the event, Google even went on to further present the capabilities of Google Home, when integrated with Google’s Chromecast. Furthermore, the device will be synced up with Google Calendar and Keep, so those who are using both apps would be able to increase their productivity with quick voice actions. With audio and video, as expected, the Home Hub supports YouTube, YouTube Music and Google Play Music, as well as tunein, Pandora and Spotify.

Currently, Google Home is officially available for pre-order through its MadeByGoogle page. The device costs $129 and the first shipping will start on November 4.

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