The New Face of Robot Vacuum Cleaning – The Dyson’s 360 Eye

Dyson's 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review New Smart Home

In development for over 18 years, Dyson’s 360 Eye is finally here! According to the company’s owner Mike Aldred, the autonomous vacuum has surpassed its competition in the face of iRobot’s Roomba. But is that the case?

After an R&D process that took 18 years and needed as much as $56 million of investment, Dyson’s 360 Eye is advertised as the new gold standard for robot vacuum cleaners. As we reported last year, the autonomous vacuum device was first released on the Japanese market in its beta state. However, the so-called ‘Roomba Killer’ is finally available for sale worldwide.

Dyson 360 Eye Roomba
With over 420 patents, Dyson’s entry in the autonomous vacuum machine market aims to create a whole new category of products. According to Dyson, the most notable difference between the 360 Eye and other robot vacuums is the fact that Dyson’s device is developed and designed to be a vacuum first and a robot later.

Having in mind the device’s specs and technology, Dyson’s 360 Eye being the next big thing in autonomous vacuum cleaning may not be that far-fetched. Currently, the most significant player on the market is iRobot with their Roomba robot vacuum cleaners. However, even the highest-end Roomba, the Roomba 980, can’t quite compare to the raw power of the 360 Eye.

Dyson 360 Eye Innovation
While high-end vacuum cleaners do manage to navigate a user’s home well, most still have an issue funny completed their duties as vacuums. However, this should not be a problem with Dyson’s 360 Eye. The device has a sucking power of as much as seven and eight liters of air per second. This is more than twice the sucking strength of the Roomba 980.

True Innovation through 360-degree-Vision

Furthermore, the device features a unique and innovative Vision System that gives the 360 Eye a full 360-degree view of its surroundings. That way the robot vacuum can quickly traverse without bumping into objects. Unlike other vacuums, the 360 Eye crosses each part of a room’s floor only once. This is possible because the robot vacuum moves around in a five-meter-square radius. Furthermore, with the device’s small size, the 360 Eye is able to reach every part of your home.

Dyson's 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner Camera

This doesn’t mean that Dyson’s 360 Eye doesn’t have its tiny setbacks. For example, the device’s camera doesn’t seem to operate well in low light conditions. Also, the robot can’t memorize a home’s layout to create more efficient routes, like the Roomba, does. However, new software packages may introduce such additional AI software.

Currently, Dyson’s 360 Eye costs as much as $1,299 Canadian dollars. However, the device certainly is worth its price tag. Dyson’s Robot Vacuum cleaner may very well be the most notable innovation in vacuum cleaning since the iRobot’s Roomba.

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