Logitech Home Hub Extender with Z-Wave and Zigbee

Zigbee and Z-Wave are definitely on the rise. That’s why Logitech has decided to incorporate this technology into their product portfolio. The Logitech Home Hub Extender will expand your existing Logitech Harmony Hub with the capability to talk to Z-Wave and Zigbee enabled devices. It will NOT replace your existing Harmony Hub but extend it with additional functionality. Moreover it will support the new Z-Wave Plus standard which we already mentioned in our article about the VeraEdge. Unfortunately there is no release date yet and no official statement regarding the price of the product. Some people have reported to have seen the Home Hub Extender already listed at online retailers for around $130. If this is true the device will be a cheap alternative to buying a complete new Z-Wave controller or a ZigBee Hub just to support another set of products. So far Logitech Harmony was based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which was giving you access to mostly Audio and Video devices. With the two additional protocols you could also add Smart Locks, Smart Thermostats or Motion Sensors to your Home Automation System – just to mention a few.


Logitech Home Hub Extender



More info: http://myharmony.com/products/detail/home-hub-extender/

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