The Joined Intel Smart Home and Amazon Forces

A new announcement regarding the joined Intel smart home and Amazon forces sparked interest in the home automation industry. Does this give Amazon Alexa a fighting chance against the Google Home? 

Earlier this month, via a blog post, developer Ted Karczewski announced that Intel and Amazon will be joining forces to move smart home innovation forward. Now, more than ever, the smart home and the world of interconnected home appliances and devices is a reality. Thanks to innovations in cloud technology, wireless protocols and pure computer power, home automation devices are able to lock our front doors, control our lighting and let us have better control in the temperature of our smart homes via smart thermostats. What’s more, some of the biggest companies, including Google, Apple, Amazon, IBM and Intel, among others, are joining the race of home automation.

The Joined Forces of the Amazon and Intel Smart Home Innovation

According to the blog post, the new cooperation in moving smart home technology forward, between Amazon and Intel is aimed at the development of new IoT solutions for the smart home industry. Both companies are also making their hardware and software platforms more interconnected with one another. Whether or not this will give the Amazon Echo a fighting chance against Google Home is still to be seen. However, the new cooperation will certainly boost the sales of the Intel smart home hub.

An important factor for Amazon in the development of new devices of the caliber of Amazon Echo will be the possibility to use the FFRD (form factor reference designs) of intel in the design of their smart speakers. This will also let developers to create new high-quality solutions for smart home voice communication. To make this possible, Intel and Amazon will be integrating Alexa with the Intel smart home OS, known as Intel MiOS moving forward.

“A truly smart home is one that provides users with experiences that ease the tasks of running a home and enrich daily life. With voice as the central interface, customers have an even more natural way to manage the hundreds of tasks they experience every day. Learn more about the Intel-based Smart Home Hub and its capabilities,” stated Karczewski in his blog post.

The Future of the Smart Home

What this goes to show is that the smart home industry is truly one that is developing faster than even before. While some might consider home automation to simply be a tech trend, constant investment in the technology from huge manufacturers and tech giants shows that this is not the case. Moving forward, it will definitely be interesting to see what the Intel smart home and Amazon joined forces will have to offer.



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