The IOT Roundup – What’s been happening this week? (September 23, 2017)

It has been a busy two weeks in the world of tech. With Apple announcing its iPhone X, and Samsung launching the Note 8 in stores, we take a look at the more ‘home based’ tech stories that have made the headlines in the last fourteen days. Plus! Big news from Google, Chamberlain, August, and lots more besides.  Here are the ten biggest stories to hit the headlines, in your weekly IOT roundup.

IOT set to create jobs in India

Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary in the Department of Telecommunications for India has estimated that 10 – 15 million new jobs will be created because of the IOT industry within the next few years. Speaking at IOT India Congress 2017, Aruna went on to say that she expects a vast percentage of these jobs to be created from startups, rather than big companies.  Another interesting statistic sited by the India Times article was that around 65% of startups in India are currently working on a facet of IOT functionality in one way or another.  Encouraging news for the industry, going forward.

NEEO takes aim at your remotes.  All of them!

While technically the CEDIA 2017 showcase was last week, some of the devices shown off are only starting to make headlines now, and NEEO is one of them.  NEEO is a hub and remote contol combination that wants to take over pretty much all of your ‘remote needs’.  Whether that is turning the volume up on your sound system, or changing the channel on the TV, NEEO has the ability to work with over 60’000 devices, and interestingly can recognize who in the house is actually hold the remote.  With this information, it can help you decide what to watch on your TV, or even lower your lights to the level you prefer (when compared to your partner who likes it slightly different).  Arguing about who should hold the remote is likely to become a bigger issue than ever before, but if you wish to check out how NEEO works, head over to their website and watch their video.

No more flipping the pillow

For those of you who have trouble sleeping in a warm room, startup Moona may have the answer for you.  This half pillow, half water bottle Kickstarter product is going to retail for $250 if you get in early, or $400 upon release, and comes complete with a water cooling system, and an app that helps monitor your sleep pattern. It also gives advice on how to increase the quality of your sleep, all the while keeping your pillow cool as ice (or, at least as cool as comfortable).  If you are sick of flipping the pillow every 15 minutes, and don’t mind paying over the odds for a decent nights sleep, check out Moona.

Vodaphone sees the light

A Vodaphone white paper this week detailed the reasons why the IOT could end up saving millions for the health industry, by creating devices that encourage patients to follow doctors orders.  While long term sufferers of illness do tend to adhere to what the doctor says, there are still quite a few stubborn patients that either refuse, or forget.  This is where the IOT can come into play, and either report the patients unwillingness, or remind them about taking those pills that they sometimes forget.  Bad news for those of us who don’t like being ‘nagged’, but good news for the health care workers who are trying to make us live longer, healthier lives.  Check out the Computer Weekly article here.

Google gets further into security

Probably the biggest news of the week is Google’s new push into home security. While the Nest Cam and more recently the Nest IQ have been around for a while, Google has now revealed plans to release a total “smart home security system”, called Nest Secure.  From doorbells and smart keypads, to motion sensors and routers, Google is looking to become your ‘one stop shop’ for all security devices in your home.  All built to integrate with current Nest products, some of these new devices will be released in the coming months, and some will be released next year.  For further info, check out this article on The Verge.

Google Home meets Nest Cam IQ

More news from Google, this time in the security camera department.  The Nest IQ camera will be getting access to Google Assistant by the end of the winter.  Unfortunately this won’t be rolling out to the original version of the Nest Cam, but for those that waited for the second generation, your camera is about to become a rather useful two-in-one.  Further info here at Techcrunch.

Chamberlain get cheeky

Chamberlain, makers of MyQ Garage Doors are planning to charge for certain IFTTT integrations.  While some of these integrations could cost as little as $1 a month, this is likely to prove an eyebrow-raising decision, in a world where many IOT home enthusiasts have multiple integrations currently working at home, and plan on having a lot more in the future.  For more information on this touchy subject, check out Stacey Higginbotham’s article, here.

August want to open your doors

August, the company who specialize in smart locks, are partnering with Walmart in the US, to allow delivery personnel a ‘one time’ entry to your home when delivering your shopping. This can include groceries, which will be places straight into your fridge, so as not to spoil any delicate food you may have purchased.  Decide for yourselves if this is something you would be interested in, but for people with fully integrated smart cameras as well as locks, what is there to worry about?  More info at Techcrunch, here.

August releases 3 new devices

Staying with August news (in September), 3 new devices will be added to their roster in the coming days.  The Smart Lock, the Smart Lock Pro, and the Doorbell Cam Pro, are all pretty self explanatory products, and generally improve on first generation versions of the same products.  The Smart Lock Pro, for example adds a new feature called Door Sense, than not only tells you whether your door is locked or not, but also whether it is open.  Check out this Cnet article for further info on the new devices.

That concludes the big news in the world of IOT, remember to check back every Friday for your concise roundup of all things connected.

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