The IoT Roundup: What’s been happening this week? (3rd, December, 2017)

It has been a quiet few days in the world of IoT this week, but as we get closer to Christmas, that is only to be expected.  Products that are looking to be on the list of ‘popular gifts’ this year are likely to have been released by now, but we do have some interesting snippets that came to our attention over the last few days, so let’s take a look at the IoT roundup.

Will your fridge be your weakest link?

An interesting article on ITProPortal was published this week detailing the need for security to be a priority for IoT companies, and the troubles it could cause if they don’t heed the warning.  Here at BYSH we have spoken about this at length, and while this article asks the question “should we connect everything?”, I think an argument can be seen from both sides of this discussion, but the need for companies to take security seriously is something that everyone can agree on.

Nest is returning to..the nest!

Google is reportedly considering returning Nest to the mothership.  Currently, Nest is owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, but it seems the reigns may be given back to Google in an attempt to align the home automation brand with a company name that everyone knows. This makes sense when you consider that Google Home is now taking off quite nicely, and to have all these IoT devices under one umbrella could stop any confusion for the consumer as functionality and integration increases amongst them.  More on this over at TechRadar.

Amazon tries to move AI into the business world

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new AI-powered camera that will retail for $250, aimed at businesses that will allow them us machine learning to aid in all sorts of areas within the industry.  For example, a company will be able to teach the camera what their products look like, and in turn be able to carry out inventory checks without the need to buy specialized barcode readers or other expensive equipment. While not technically a product for the smart home, the tech behind this gadget will probably trickle down to the consumer market, should Amazon find a use for it.  This could, of course, present a worry for businesses that are particularly nervous about their data being used elsewhere, but it would be extremely unlikely for them to be using any information that would be considered ‘personal’.  It is much more likely that the image recognition data could be ploughed into their other consumer gadgets to simply allow all of their cameras to become much more ‘intelligent’ when scanning their surroundings.  Further details over at The Verge.

Wish you had bought that Google Home during Black Friday? 

Then fear not!  The Google Home is still retailing for $79 throughout December, so head over to the Google Store if you fancy getting yourself a $50 discount on its usual price. This is a “while stocks last” type of offer, although we can’t imagine Google selling out of these before Christmas.  Along with the reduced price of the Google Home Mini, now is a great time to blanket your house in voice-activated hubs if you haven’t already. Android Police has the lowdown on the price drop, here.




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