The IOT Roundup – What’s been happening this week? (15th October, 2017)

It has been a slightly quieter week for IoT fans, but none the less there has been a couple of announcements that have peaked some interest.  With Google’s offering last week, it was always going to be a more sedate seven days, but with the likes of Ring and Dell providing us with some noteworthy news, there is still plenty to dig in to.

Dell bets big on IoT

It seems Dell, who are mainly known for building PC’s, are betting heavily on the IoT to bring them some good fortune in the coming years, laying down $1bn on a new division devoted to researching and building new IoT devices.  Their view of how things will work in the future differs slightly from what we are currently accustomed to, with their so-called ‘edge-devices’ learning and adapting independently of a cloud network.  In some areas where low latency decisions are necessary (such as self-driving cars) this makes sense, but for us smart home fans, it is yet to be seen how edge computing will affect our world going forward.  But with $1bn dollars behind the department, we are sure to see some interesting ideas coming from Dell in the near future.

Ring twice

Ring Doorbells have been received extremely well in general, with customers enjoying the simplicity of Ring’s design and functionality.   Now Ring has released an updated version of the original, aptly named the Ring Video Doorbell 2.  With a higher resolution 1080p camera, better night vision, and a wider viewing angle, this upgrade could appeal to new and old customers alike.

Google takes away from your home

The recently announced Google Home Mini is being tipped to take the Amazon Dot’s crown this holiday season, but a recently discovered security flaw might raise a few eyebrows for the more security conscious out there.  It seems that some Minis have been constantly recording without the user’s knowledge and sending that information back to Google.  The tech giant moved quickly to fix the problem, but unfortunately, that fix is at the expense of the top touch functionality. Tapping the top of your Home Mini activated it in much the same way as saying “OK Google”, but for now you will be yelling at your Mini rather than tapping it.  There is no word as to whether this functionality will return, as yet.

Sonos One is ready to pre-order

The Sonos One, which brings arguably the best smart speaker on the market in line with the even smarter speakers out there, is now available to pre-order.  Aficionados of all things “audio” should love this speaker, which now merges the quality Sonos is known for, with the functionality of your digital assistants.  With Alexa currently available, and Google Assistant and Siri on their way, the Sonos One could very well shape up to be the speaker of choice this Christmas.




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