The IOT Round-up – What’s been happening this week? (5th November 2017)

Here we go again folks, it’s the end of the week, and we have a quick round-up of all the news that caught our attention in the world of IoT. This week, we have some adorable news from Sony, a leak from Apple, and news of a new $60m investment.  Let’s dig in!

Sony gives us those puppy dog eyes

In divisive news from Japan, Sony has resurrected their Aibo robot puppy from 2006.  For those of you who roll their eyes at the thought of a robot pet, feel free to skip ahead, but if you happen to live in Japan and have had a hankering for a semi-real Tamagotchi roaming around your house, then this could be news that excites you.  The new version of Aibo has LTE connectivity, 22 axis of motion, cameras and sensors in the nose and mouth, and a 64-bit computer running the show.  Starting at a staggering $1739 (and a 3 year bill of around $25 a month for the LTE coverage) Aibo really is for the ‘enthusiast’, and while it may seem a little silly to a lot of us, this could very well morph into something more useful in the coming years.  People like to personalize home helpers, so if this robot dog proves popular in the one country it is being released in (Japan), then we could see some facets copied to our home helpers of the future.

Ayla doesn’t need the money, but is happy to take it anyway

Ayla Networks has raised funds to the sum of $60m to help grow its product division.  While Ayla says it doesn’t exactly need this money, it should speed up some of the ideas they currently have in the pipeline and allow for speedier R&D in general. We may not see the fruits of this fundraising as obviously as we would with a more consumer-based company, but the leaps they make behind the scenes are sure to trickle down to the average person at some point soon, but initial boons will probably be seen in the industrial sector.

Apple leaks Homepod audio

With news thin on the ground regarding Apple’s upcoming HomePod, a leak of the HomePod sound library has caused a stir amongst the Apple faithful.  Developer Guilherne Rambo found the sounds within the recently released IOS 11.2 beta, and most Apple fans seem to be rather pleased with the relaxing tones on display.  If this sort of news has peaked your interest, head over to Gizmodo for a sample.

Honeywell adds Alexa to its upcoming security system

Going up against the likes of Nest Secure, Honeywell has crowdfunded an all in one home security system that can be controlled completely via its built-in Alexa integration.  The Honeywell Smart Home Security System also has a built-in camera, microphone array, and will be able to recognise family members, and similar to the Lighthouse, can ‘ping’ you when a set of criteria is met, such as when the kids have returned home after school. To get in on this one early, check out their Indiegogo page, and place a pre-order.


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