Internet of Things: Samsung Announces ARTIK Platform

Earlier today, Samsung announced the Samsung ARTIK platform that will allow increased efficiency in the development of consumer applications for the Internet of Things. This is an open platform that comprises of advanced software, highly innovative production-ready modules, tools, security features and cloud connectivity for more superior IoT components.

What the ARTIK Family comprises

Some of the most integral features of the Samsung ARTIK platforms include the uniquely embedded hardware security technology, innovative processing power and the onboard memory capacity. Others include the enhanced security of the software as well as its cloud-based data connectivity and services. Additionally, the platform has also been configured in a way that it is compatible with a variety of devices such as home automation, industrial applications, and wearables among others.

Current members of the ARTIK family

  • ARTIK 1 – this is so far the smallest module available in the current IoT industry, measuring 12mm by 12mm. It combines the Bluetooth connectivity and a nine-axis sensor with excellent computer capabilities and low power consumption. Specifically, this module is designed for the small factor IoT applications that require less power.
  • ARTIK 5 – this module provides a perfect balance of power, size and price and is an ideal option for home hubs, and advanced wearables. Essentially, it comes with a 1GHz dual-core processor, an onboard DRAM and flash memory.
  • ARTIK 10 – this module harbours an eight-core processor, 2GB DRAM, full 1080p video decoding/encoding, and 5.1 audio capability. It also includes Bluetooth functions, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee connectivity that enhances its ability to deliver very high performances and advanced capabilities.
Artik 10

According to Samsung, this family of ARTIK modules addresses most of the industry requirements such as battery life, form factor and computational horsepower.

Other notable technical capabilities of the Samsung ARTIK Family

  • Software and Privacy- the Samsung ARTIK platform provides one of the most comprehensive solutions to security. For example, an embedded secure element in these modules covers the security of the system over and above the software encryptions that are already in place. The system also entails a machine that automatically detects general anomalies, attempted hacking or any other form of intrusion.
  • IoT Software Stack- These are important tools especially for developers who can now directly access the application framework development and, therefore, save on time otherwise spent building various software libraries.
  • Local storage and computational capability- Unlike the current state of the IoT industry, this family of ARTIK now allows for unique storage and other computational capabilities, accommodating even the small-scale servers.
  • Low-power demands – The Samsung ARTIK family platforms offer the best industry power consumption systems that will facilitate longer battery life especially for the battery operated IoT devices such as the wearables.
  • Small form factor- Samsung has employed the ePoP (embedded Package-on-Package) technology for some of its modules, offering all its ARTIK modules in the smallest form factor in their respective class.
  • Connectivity- some of the shared connectivity protocols in the Samsung ARTIK family modules range from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee.


Samsung continues to inspire the future of technology by continually infusing transformative ideas and technologies. The introduction of the ARTIK family to the rapidly growing Internet of Things industry just confirms that the electronics giant is still on course to earmark its leadership in this market.

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