Research Shows Homeowners Want a More Seamless Smart Home Experience

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According to an survey, homeowners would like to have a more seamless smart home experience. Nearly forty-eight percent of homeowners are interested in adopting smart technology, but fifty-nine percent are confused by the variety of products on the market.

There is a growing trend of interest in homeowners regarding the smart technology market. Research from shows that nearly half of homeowners are extremely excited for IoT technology, but most of them are simply confused by the number of different smart home products on the market.

The Complicated Smart Home Experience

The report also show that fifty-four percent think that smart home products are too complicated to understand. This further indicates the need for a more seamless smart home experience. The problem of the smart home market is the lack of simplicity in the communication between devices. Even though a number of companies are trying to deliver an all-in-one solution to smart home needs, the diversity is still too much for most homeowners to handle.

Smart Home Seamless Experience Expert Survey Research Results

Homeowners Want to Have a Smart Home Expert by their Side

With the growing diversity in the smart home market, homeowners would like to have a professional service provider to help them with their choices. As much as eighty-three percent of the people surveyed state that they would rely on a smart home expert. They say that they would be happier to invest in the technology, if there was more reliable customer support.

This shows another problem of the IoT community. The customer support of most companies is unreliable. What’s more with different products using different technologies, it’s harder to achieve a seamless smart home experience. Even though enthusiasts are able to find their answers in forums and Reddit threads, most people would love to be able to easily make their home smarter, without the need of becoming an IoT expert first.

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The Smart Home Revolution Will Have to Wait

Recently, we tackled the issue of the smart home revolution and how the industry is continuing to invest in IoT solutions. However, while the interest of people is also growing, the smart technology would have to be easier to understand. According to the report, more than 91 percent expect that different smart home devices should work together seamlessly. Nonetheless, to make their homes more efficient, safer and smarter, people have to use a collection of mobile applications. To make the issue even bigger, some device manufacturers only support iOS, while others only support Android. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why 88 percent of homeowners would prefer a single app to control all of their devices.

The Solution?

Most people believe that investing in a home automation system is the right solution. However, this often requires you to rely on one company to provide you with the right array of smart devices. Furthermore, the huge variety of protocols devices use confused people. It makes the task of achieving interconnectivity harder. This again leaves people in the hands of internet guides.

Even though the survey is relatively small, it certainly brings light to the problems of the smart home market. Affordable smart home solutions are everywhere, but you’d have to be an expert to make your home smarter. Furthermore, even if you’d prefer paying an expert to help you do that, there aren’t any reliable experts available. So is there a solution? It’s hard to say. However, the IoT community is doing their best to help. Nonetheless, the seamless smart home experience is still hard to achieve, due to the complicated and diverse smart home market.

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