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Google unveiled ‘Google Allo’ a new messaging app, that above all else, features a glimpse into a new AI-assistant. The new Google Assistant will be able to help out users, much like Google Now, but with a personality and better functionality. 

Earlier this week, Google released a beta version of their Google Allo messaging application. Aimed to be a direct WhatsApp competitor the app features a multitude of new features that aim to make the conversations with your friends that much better. However, what is truly exciting from the release of the app, is the fact that it features a glimpse into Google Assistant. Rumored to soon replace Google Now, the new AI assistant will have a better personality and will feature more functionality and it will be available on a wide range of Google products.

Making Your Home Smarter and More Witty

Google Assistant Smart Home AI New Image Personality

Google Assistant was first announced at this year’s annual Google I/O press conference. There the company officials also discussed that the personalized assistant will be available on Google Home. Seeing how Google Assistant is able to interact via the Google Allo app is that more exciting, simply because when made officially available, the new AI will be able to help you control your smart home. Furthermore, with the advanced voice control offered by Google Home, you will be able to easily talk to this witty assistant, when bored.

While personality in a smart home assistant may not seem necessary to some, the truth is that it will make every interaction with the AI that more seamless and natural. What’s more, up until now, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana were considered to be better than Google Now by some critics, simply because they had personality. However, with the AI presented by Google and the preview in the Google Allo application, it seems like Google Assistant manages to easily be better than the competition.

The Smart Google Assistant AI and the Smart Home Experience

Google Assistant Smart Home AI New Image Functionality

Of course, having a personality is nothing without proper functionality. However, as seen with Google Now, and as you can expect from Google, the new assistant manages to perform quite well in all the tasks it is available to do. What further separates Google Assistant from the likes of Siri and Cortana is the fact that you are able to use Google’s new AI in group chats. This lets multiple people interact with the new smart assistant. If this feature is well-implemented in Google Home, it might very well change the way we use smart home assistants. As we’ve previously discussed when talking about the possibility of a Facebook Smart Home AI Assistant, such interaction will make the smart home experience that much easier and seamless.

According to Google, Google Assistant will be made available to more Google products in the upcoming months. However, no further official information or release date about the Google Home and the new Google Assistant have been released.

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