Google adds Voice Control to the Nest Smart Thermostat

If you are an owner of the Nest Smart Thermostat and happen to own a newer Android or iOS device as well , you might be very happy to hear that Google stated on its Works with Nest Blog it will integrate Voice Control for the Learning Thermostat in its Google App. Not only can you receive the current status of the thermostat from anywhere where Internet access is provided but you can also set the temperature via your voice. You only need need to say “Ok Google, set the temperature to 75 degrees”. Imagine doing this if you are stuck in a traffic jam and want to prepare your living room for a nice comfortable evening in front of the television.



Moreover you could even automate this process by setting up location based events to make sure your home is pre-heated when you are close to your home. The new version of the Google Now app will have all these Nest features integrated. Before that you were already able to control the Learning Thermostat with your smartphone via the Nest App but having everything seamlessly integrated into only one app takes things even one step further in terms of simplicity. And that’s what the Smart Home should always be about – makes things more simple and smarter – and not more complicated.

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