Your Fridge is Now Getting Smarter with TheFridgeCam

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At the International Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), a convention for consumer electronics, similar to CES, the UK-based company Smarter debuted a new wireless fridge camera, called TheFridgeCam, that will be able to look over your food. 

Last week, Berlin’s answer to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), called the International Funkasstellung Berlin, or IFA, took place. Various brands and manufacturers attended the show, showing off new and innovative pieces of technology. One of the most interesting products that took the smart home stage was TheFridgeCam, which as the name suggests is a wireless fridge camera.

Debuted by Smarter, a UK-based business focused on developing new solutions for the smart home industry, TheFridgeCam will be able to help you out to better keep track of the contents of your fridge. The wireless fridge camera will allow its users to check in with what’s inside of their fridge at any time or place via a smartphone application.

Taking a Fridge Food Photo with TheFridgeCam

Even though putting a camera inside your fridge and being able to look through it isn’t necessarily revolutionary, TheFridgeCam gives you a huge array of innovative applications. For example, every time you close your fridge door, it will take a photo, so you can see who’s taking what out of the fridge. Furthermore, it will give you expiry reminders via notifications based on the contents of your fridge. Replenishment notifications, when you’ve run out of a certain product, as well as a fully automated replenishment service in certain areas, are also part of TheFrdigeCam’s inventory of features.

Another cool thing about this product is the fact that it implements a temperature sensor that will be able to notify you if certain temperature adjustments are needed, in order to keep your food from spoiling. It will also be able to indicate when the fridge door has been left open.

Smart Fridge Camera TheFridgeCam New Tech Article Image

What’s more, TheFridgeCam will also try to help you out with your cooking. As it knows what are the contents of your fridge and what’s remaining, it will be able to suggest you certain recipe options based on what you are able to do with the products you have left in your fridge.

The Smarter Fridge Future

Smart Fridges are nothing new to the smart home industry. In fact, companies, such as Samsung and LG, have already released amazing products with touch-screen interfaces that give you a huge array of smart features. However, one of the biggest setbacks is their price. That’s why TheFridgeCam can actually make a difference. The little device costs just $145, making it a far cheaper option than purchasing a smart fridge just for its capabilities.

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