Facebook’s CEO Smart Home AI Assistant Jarvis

Mark Zuckerberg release a new video showing off Jarvis. Facebook’s CEO, who had previously discussed the smart home AI assistant he was developing, now let everyone enter his home virtually and see for themselves what the AI truly does. 

A few months ago we dived deep into a discussion of whether or not a Facebook smart home assistant was to be expected in the future and while Mark Zuckerberg does denies such developments, he continues to entice people with his personal smart home AI Jarvis. Recently, he showed off a new video, where he let visitors actually see how this home automation AI actually controls his home.

The Facebook’s CEO Smart Home AI Video

The video itself shows a few of the everyday tasks, which Jarvis on theory can do. Even though the system is currently not fully functional as the video tries to implement that it is, the voice of Morgan Freeman is still a lot hypnotizing and impressive.

The system helps Zuckerberg and his wife in the home by turning the light on and off, showing where their dog Beast currently is and notifying them whether or not their daughter Max is playing in her room. Jarvis also helps with the smart home thermostat control in different rooms and with certain home appliances. Among the more interesting tasks, the smart home AI actually prepares Zuckerberg’s shirt, helps Max learn Chinese and recognizes people and decides whether or not to let them into the house.

The smart home AI assistant from the Facebook’s CEO was developed after about a year of work, but according to Zuckerberg, this is nothing compared to what the best software engineers could do for the time that he actually had.


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