Crestron Joins Alexa’s Ever Growing List of Voice Integration Supported Devices

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Amazon continues to become more influential in the smart home industry by partnering with Crestron. Users of Amazon Alexa devices, such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap will be able to control their Crestron home automation system via voice control. 

When it was first announced, the Amazon Echo wasn’t an exciting device for the smart home enthusiasts. However, after a few successful years on the market, via its advanced Amazon Alexa voice recognition technology, Amazon proved to be a remarkable company in the smart home industry. Now Amazon continues to expand its influence by constantly adding support for new devices. Just in the last few months, they brought voice recognition to multiple smart home devices and systems, including iHome and August Home devices. According to a recent announcement, the Crestron home automation system will also be added to the ever growing list of Alexa’s voice integrated devices.

Customized Voice Commands for Crestron via Amazon Alexa Voice Integration

The announcement came earlier this week, during the Amazon’s keynote at the CEDIA 2016 tech expo. Vice President of Crestron, John Clancy was invited to deliver the news. According to him, the Crestron home automation system will now be able to respond to voice commands with the help of Amazon Alexa. Users will have to state Crestron’s name in order to be able to send commands to it. For example, if one needs to turn the temperature of their smart thermostat down, they just need to say “Alexa, tell Crestron it’s too hot in here.

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For those unaware, Crestron is one of the biggest home automation companies on the market, which deliver multiple smart home solutions, including control of lighting, temperature, audio systems and more. The company is most infamous for its Crestron Home Automation systems, which is often praised for being one of the best home automation systems available to date.

Crestron is one of the most respected names in the smart home industry. If you are interested, feel free to check out our thoughts on the Crestron home automation system.

A Voice Controlled Smart Hub for the Smart Home

The ever growing list of supported devices for Amazon Alexa voice integration proves that Amazon is extremely dedicated to delivering a seamless smart home experience. Having a hub with which you are able to control everything in your smart home is definitely something most homeowners want, as recent research show, and Amazon Alexa devices, such as the Amazon Echo, may be able to deliver this experience.

According to the official announcement Crestron support for the Alexa should be available by November 2016.

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