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Today Australia homes are getting smarter with the release of The Telstra Smart Home. The company offers two subscription-based services, the first being “watch and monitor”and the second aimed at “Automation and energy.”

During the past several years Australia has been lacking in innovation and adoption of smart home technologies. However, Telstra is aiming to change that with their new line of home automation devices. The Telstra Smart Home has been announced earlier this year and today the line of devices and the subscription-based home platform has been finally released. Australian home automation enthusiasts will be able to get one of two starter kits through a subscription-based home automation service.

What Telstra Smart Home offers Aussie Home Automation enthusiasts?

Home automation enthusiasts from Australia will have the option to choose from two smart home starter kits aimed at security and energy savings. The first kit, “Watch and Monitor” packs two motion sensors and an indoor Wi-Fi camera. For those who prefer a more energy-conscious smart home, the second kit “Automation and Energy” includes two smart power plug, a motion sensor, which can be used for light automation and two door or window sensors. Enthusiasts who use the Telstra Smart Home automation subscription-based service will also receive a smart home hub that will be used to automate the devices in their homes.

Subscription-Based Home Automation

The service itself will cost Australian home owners AU$25 per month on a 2-year contract, making the minimum cost at least AU$600, which for the devices offered in the kit is not that affordable. Nevertheless, the cost is not too expensive either. Telstra Smart Home service owners will be able to control their hub and devices through a smartphone application that will be available on both Android and iOS. As far as technology goes, the smart home hub and the devices offered are relatively reliable, but don’t seem to be anything revolutionary.

Innovation in the Australia Smart Home Market

Nevertheless, Telstra Smart Home is presenting the Australian Smart Home market with new innovation. It is still to be seen whether or not Telstra will have a big impact on the overall adoption of home automation in Australia, but enthusiasm towards the technology does prove that the company has the potential to do so.

Furthermore, while the line of devices is currently pretty limited, Telstra is promising to deliver new devices to their smart home line as early as next year. The planned devices include lightbulbs, locks, cameras and motion sensors as well as smart home and home automation thermostats.

The Telstra Smart Home automation service and device line is available through their official Australia Smart Home and home automation website.

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